Black Clover Episode 122 Spoiler

The Black Clover Episode 122 is titled as, “As Pitch Black as it gets”. The audience around the world is full of lobbies for the upcoming episode, and why not? Black Clover is currently the most famous franchise. Plus, Yuki Tabata surprised fans once again with another plot twist.

In Previous Black Clover Episode 121, after fighting the devil, the kingdom was overthrown. The king will have to answer to all civilians. The Magical Knights, once a citizen of Clover Kingdom, had once seen their homes destroyed. This is impossible, even for the Wizard King, widespread catastrophe should spread. And, King is planning to blame all the mistakes on Asta and Secrets. In addition, fans around the world are wondering what the series has to offer in the future.

Let’s discuss upcoming Black Clover Episode 122

The next episode for the Black Clover will be out on Tuesday, February 18th. Upcoming episodes will revolve around Asta, Secre and Damnatio Kira. Looks like Kira won’t let Asta and Nero go easily. As the preview shows, Asta will once again regain her demonic form.

Further, Yami is seen with Asta in the preview, which means – Yami will probably save Asta from judgment. Additionally, the Wizard King will play a key role in their plan in the next instalment.

In Episode no Black Clover 122 A world where magic is everywhere. Asta, a boy who can’t use magic while born, aims to be the top of the mage “Magic Emperor” in order to prove his power and fulfil his promises with friends! Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha Original work: Yuki Tabata) in the animation of the popular works in the series!

[Original] Yuki Tabata (Weekly Shonen Jump: Shueisha)

[Director] Tatsuya Yoshihara [Series Composition] Kazuyuki

Brushyasu [Program Official Homepage]

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