New Coronavirus Treatment: Coming Out

New Coronavirus Treatment: Coming Out

Domestic experts are also working collectively to prevent the outbreak. China Bio has announced that it has successfully developed specialized free plasma for clinical treatment. And more than 10 acute patients have received relevant treatment.

In an interview, China Biological Chairman Yang Xiaoming said in an interview that plasma donors in the first phase were primarily medical staff, and in the first phase, five medical staff donated. The second step is basically the recovery of the general patient. So far they have collected plasma of more than 50 recovered patients.

Yang Xiaoming also revealed that it is mainly targeted at critically ill and critical patients. Currently, the range used by patients is 100 to 200 millilitres. And the aforementioned methods of treatment are only for acutely and critically ill patients at this time. On average, a donor who donates plasma can cure 2 to 3 critically ill patients.

According to Yang Xiaoming, all well-being patients can donate as long as they meet rehab and discharge criteria. But each patient’s condition is different. Our recovery refers to the maintenance of a new crown virus infection. Then it may be exposed to other diseases, such as cardiovascular or other infectious diseases, etc. We will also have to include some cases, medical history, and physical examination. Depending on whether they can meet the criteria of their partnership.

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10 things about New Coronavirus Pneumonia are too ridiculous! Many people believe

Some time ago, we introduced some rumours about a new type of crown virus pneumonia, but because of length, they are not comprehensive.

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In response to readers’ needs, today we will introduce 10 more rumours about the new Crown virus model. I hope everyone can make rational decisions and not rely on rumours, let panic or damage property.

1. A hairdryer can sterilize the hands and face for 30 seconds

2.Brown sugar, ginger, green onions, and garlic boiled water to prevent new coronavirus

3.Drink more Dancong tea and eat more strawberries to prevent pneumonia

4, Liquor can be made in the refrigerator freezer 75% alcohol

5. Paper towels inside the mask can increase the service life

6. Drinking high alcohol can resist the new crown virus?

7. Houttuynia cordata can prevent new coronavirus

8. A coat with a fur collar or fleece is easy to attract viruses

9. Sun exposure can kill new coronaviruses

10, eating a banana will get new coronavirus pneumonia

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