New Coronavirus outbreak will slow 5G progress

New Coronavirus outbreak will slow 5G progress

China is closely watching the pneumonia outbreak of new coronavirus infection. At the same time, news of every kind is spreading. Difficult to distinguish true and false.

The increasing severity of the outbreak has given all countries greater alert and better protection. Now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has elaborated on the major transmission routes and the most relevant ones for the disease.

According to US media reports, Nancy Messonnier. The director of the American Center for Respiratory Diseases and Immunity said at the CDC briefing that, based on what they now know. They believe the virus is primarily for people Spread through close contact, described as about six feet (1.8 meters). It is caused by respiratory droplets that occur when the affected person coughs or sneezes.

It was previously expected that 190 million smartphones would come with the help of 5G in a year.

huawei phone coronavirus outbreak

Sources claim that Taiwanese representatives from Microchips’ supply chain claim that sales of 5G-supported smartphones will be lower this quarter than previously expected. Furthermore, slow growth is expected at 5G growth throughout the year.

One of the most important factors is called the industry’s most important event cancellation – MWC 2020 due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Qualcomm and MediaTek, two leading global suppliers of single-chip systems for smartphones. They have already raised serious concerns and have revised their SOC delivery downward to 5G support.

In November, IDC analysts published a prediction that in 2020. The 190 million 5G-capable smartphones will be released. It is now clear that the actual figures will largely depend on when the market growth begins in China. Because by some estimates the Chinese market will account for 70% of all sales.

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