Play Store: Google removes 600 apps for unauthorized advertising

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On Playstore Google decided to remove 600 apps due to unauthorized and sometimes intrusive ads. Google decided to remove nearly 600 apps and games from the indoor play store for smartphones and tablets. More than 4.5 billion downloads were recorded in blocked developers’ Android apps.

Between Apple iOS and Google Android, the search engine operator’s Play Store has plenty of black sheep. Overcoming the security algorithm is seemingly easily criticized. Which especially allows Asian app developers to reach a large number of consumers with advertising-related fraudulent formats.

Google tries to deal with this issue in a transparent manner and in its own security blog announces that it has developed new technologies to potentially recognize apps and games in the first place.

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Detecting a fraudulent app faster on PlayStore

Google’s Senior Product Manager for Advertising Traffic Quality Per Bjorke says: “Harmful developers are becoming more adept at delivering annoying ads and masking them. But we’ve been able to protect ourselves from this new behaviour. Technology has recently been developed. We recently discovered an innovative, machine-based learning approach. When apps show contextual advertising, which we are announcing today.

Google Manager goes into more detail with colleagues BuzzFeed News. For example, about 600 infected apps are primarily targeting English-speaking Android users. These Users are competing with fullscreen advertising outside of software, among other things. Chinese developer Cheetah Mobile is likely to be one of the biggest beneficiaries.

Though it has already hit the headlines in late 2018 due to advertising fraud. In total, apps have been installed more than four and a half billion times and will continue to be available on the last devices. As a further competition, Google also prevented developers from being removed from the Play Store

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