The best-selling smartphones in 2019 are Named: Leading Bestseller in 2018

The Most famous model that is mostly fake is the iPhone 8.

This five Bestselling Smartphone in 2019 is named

The current era in smartphone industries changes the way of human lifestyle. In this era, it is not wrong to say the life of every people is very busy or easy with a smartphone. Man or Woman, Kids or old everybody carries a smartphone in everyplace even we see many people carry a smartphone in the washroom. It is not wrong to say Smartphone will be a new drug of the next generation but it depends on the use.

Despite the fact that the iPhone XR was released in 2018, the smartphone is in high demand. Recent data shows that Apple iPhone XR is the most popular smartphone with 46.3 million units sold in 2019.

Second place moved to the brand new iPhone 11, which sold 37.3 million units. These five Bestselling Smartphone leaders include

  • iPhone 11 with 7.3 million units in 2019
  • iPhone XR with 46.3 million units sold in 2019
  • Samsung Galaxy A10 with sales of 30.3 million smartphones,
  • Galaxy A50 with sales of 24.2 million smartphones
  • Galaxy A20 19.2 million smartphones

best selling smart phone in 2020

Premium iPhone 11 Pro Max sold 17.6 million devices in the sixth place. The seventh-ranked iPhone 8 has given way to its predecessor, with sales of 17.4 million. Redmi Note 7 (16.4 million smartphones) was ranked eighth. The iPhone 11 Pro took a ninth position with 15.5 million devices. Top Ten closes Samsung Galaxy J2 Core

In terms of the supply of smartphones worldwide, Apple is ranked first and second in five consecutive years.

Apple dominates the top two

Although this is a product launched in 2018. The iPhone XR is still very good. The latest statistical report shows that in 2019. Apple’s iPhone XR captured half of the global smartphone market, with a shipment of about 46.3 million units. Followed by the iPhone 11, The total shipment is 37.3 million units.

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The top five on the list are Samsung’s Galaxy A10, Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A20, respectively, with 30.3 million, 24.2 million and 19.2 million units respectively.

iphone 11

In addition, The sixth-largest Apple’s high-end iPhone 11 Pro Max shipped 17.6 million units in the fourth quarter of 2019. The 7th iPhone 8 delivered 17.4 million units less than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The iPhone 11 Pro shipped 15.5 million units, which is number nine.

In terms of global smartphone shipments, Apple ranks first and second in five consecutive years. Compared to other competitors, Apple has a limited number of mobile phone models. So sales can be concentrated on some of the most popular smartphones, such as the iPhone XR.

But the problem facing Apple is that overall iPhone shipments have declined for the second consecutive year in several years, and shipments are down 4.6 per cent in 2019. But that number has improved compared to the 2018 shipments. In 2018, overall iPhone shipments declined 5.1 per cent over the year.

Source = Mydrivers

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