Zhong Nanshan: New coronavirus pneumonia epidemic does not necessarily start in China

More than 376 thousand people became coronavirus victims in the world

On February 27, the Guangzhou Municipal Government Information Office delivered a special news briefing for the prevention and control of pandemic diseases at Guangzhou Medical University. Zhong Nanshan, leader of the National Health and Medical Commission’s high-level expert group and expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering introduces the latest situation of new pneumonia.

When talking about the source of the virus, Zhong Nanshan said: “There is an indication that bats have a virus in Zhoushan city of Zhejiang Province and that the penguin has a high degree of homology. And maybe it is related to Guangxi bats. But how did this happen?  How the new coronavirus came in?. Zhong Nanshan clear I’m not sure that the host in the middle is the only penguin, something else should happen. ”

Guan Yi is a senior expert at South China Agricultural University. According to previous independent research by Guan Yi. Pangolin neutrons could be a potential intermediate host for pneumonia. The amino acid sequence of the receptor-binding domain between the neutron virus and the Guangdong pangolin coronavirus. It has a maximum of 97.4%, whereas the pangolin is the only mammal, besides bats, that have been infected with the new coronavirus.

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The Guan Yi team first isolated the SARS virus in 2003 and confirmed that the Svet cat is the intermediate host of the SARS virus and a direct source of human infection with SARS. After that, he reported with the educationist Zhong Nanshan, and Guangdong began to clear the civet cat from the market. Effectively preventing the outbreak of SARS.

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In addition to predicting the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Zhong Nanshan believes that by the end of April, it can be primarily controlled.

In the wake of the outbreak, Zhong Nanshan pointed out that we understand China first, but did not consider foreign countries. But now there are some situations in foreign countries. Although the outbreak first appeared in China, it did not necessarily originate in China.

Zhong Nanshan also said at the meeting that a person can infect two to three people with new coronavirus pneumonia indicating that the infection is very rapid.

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