ITU 6G research officially launched! Timetable announced

ITU 6G research officially launched! Timetable announced

5G has just officially launched, and 6G can’t wait. Earlier, many companies, operators, and businesses announced the launch of 6G research work. So it is natural to take commanding heights in advance.

At the 34th International Telecommunication Union Radio Communications Sector Working Group 5D (ITU-R WP5D) meeting in Geneva. Switzerland, 6G was officially launched, and 6G was the most important part.

The meeting set up an initial 6G research timetable, which includes upcoming technology trend research reports, upcoming technology vision tips and other important planning nodes.

ITU intends to finish writing the “Future Technology Trend Report” in June 2022. Detailing the technology evolution of IMT’s international mobile communications system after 5G. It Includes IMT evolution technology, high spectrum performance technology and deployment.

In the first half of 2021, IT will propose a future technology vision, which is set to be completed in June 2023. The technology completed with the overall goals of the IMT system facing 2030 and beyond, such as application. Scenarios and system capabilities are included.

However, currently, ITU has not yet decided on a 6G standard development plan.

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