Expert response: Will the new coronavirus disappear like SARS as the weather warms?

Expert response: Will the new crown virus disappear like SARS as the weather warms?

The question now is, will rising temperatures cause the new coronavirus to disappear?. Because As temperatures slowly rise, people are more hopeful that the outbreak will come (like SARS).

Zhang Wenhong said in an interview that fever may have a certain effect on the virus, but the ultimate prevention, control and weather have a greater impact. Zhang Wenhong is a senior expert group leader at Shanghai Coron Treatment Group of New Coron Pneumonia. According to Zhang Wenhong, this is difficult to say and requires further research.

Earlier, a specialist at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a member of the National Health and Fitness Commission’s high-level expert group Li Lanjuan said that after the weather warms in May and June. The virus is likely to subside. And it’s easy to get viral infections around the Spring Festival and in the winter and spring. Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering an expert on education Wang Chen also said in an interview to CCTV that, In addition to adequate isolation and protection measures. Hot weather is conducive to the reduction of events.

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The SARS epidemic ended 17 years ago after the summer. The World Health Organization (WHO) also sees the hot weather as one of the reasons for the disappearance of SARS.

School of Public Health of Peking University statement about Coronavirus

According to the principles of the past, after hot weather. It is really detrimental to the spread of the virus. But  Vice president of Peking University’s School of Public Health Wang Peiyu said we cannot rely solely on it. The new coronavirus is an RNA virus. The virus cannot reproduce in the external environment and soil. It can only reproduce in living bodies such as humans and animals. Therefore, the RNA virus is not very stable and can destroy and break down in the environment. As temperatures rise, RNA breaks down easily and is destroyed in the environment.

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So, relatively speaking, the flu and everything else is severe in the winter. and it gets easier after the hot weather.

Wang Peiyu introduces that the epidemic of infectious diseases should receive three links: transmission route, source of infection and susceptible population. In addition to affecting the source of infection, as the temperature rises, it also affects susceptible people. Since, after the warm weather, people’s breathing resistance will increase relatively high.

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