The new coronavirus may trigger a new round of global food crisis,

The new coronavirus may trigger a new round of global food crisis,

The new global epidemic of coronavirus could have a serious impact on international food trade, leading to a new round of food crisis.

According to Reuters, China’s vice minister of agriculture said a new coronavirus epidemic could trigger a new round of the global food crisis.

The current New coronavirus epidemic has disrupted the global agricultural supply chain and seriously undermined trade. Before which some countries restricted their main grain exports and increased their procurement of stocks. According to the source, the rapid spread of the global epidemic has led to great uncertainty in international trade and the agricultural market.

The source said “If the epidemic continues to spread and escalate, the impact on international food trade and even food production will inevitably increase, which could trigger a new round of food crisis.

The epidemic and measures are taken by some countries to protect domestic supply impede normal trade and supply, which leads to significant fluctuations in food prices. We noted that while China has enough food to meet domestic demand, the global epidemic could hit other import-dependent agricultural products, such as soybeans and edible oil. The epidemic will affect the export of Chinese aquatic products, vegetables and tea.

Reuters reported that at the same meeting, Minister of Agriculture(china) ruled out the possibility of a food crisis in China. Minister of Agriculture(china) saying that he has the confidence and ability to ensure the supply of food and other basic agricultural products.

The spread of the epidemic in China has been taken under control. At this stage, the main tasks are to restore internal defence and provide external protection while carefully monitoring the epidemic situation in different countries

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The source noted that the risk of introducing the epidemic is still relatively high, which will put significant pressure on the restoration of livestock production.

The report said that China and different countries are still struggling with different food fever, and the epidemic has reduced livestock stocks in the country by at least 40% and continues to spread.

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