Google Stadia: 4K gaming is now possible for everyone in the Chrome browser

Google Stadia: 4K gaming is now possible for everyone in the Chrome browser

After several test steps on Google Stadia, Google is also bringing the long-awaited 4K resolution to study in the Chrome browser of German-speaking players. With many Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, the new Ultra HD option can also be activated without a high-resolution 4K monitor.

Google is fulfilling the long-awaited desire for the ever-growing stadia community. And now 4K gaming is possible for everyone in the Chrome browser. Until now, playing in Ultra HD with 60fps was only possible through the Chromecast Ultra Donegal. Which was connected to a suitable 4K television or monitor. The company has been testing higher resolution on Chrome since February. But it was only available last month for a limited number of US players.


Google Stadia: It does not require a 4K monitor for better game streaming

The graphics quality increase is clearly visible with the “new” 4K model. But it requires the corresponding hardware. If you select the “Best picture quality” option in the Stadia app and have a UHD monitor. You can use high resolution without the routes.

However, many PC players work with Classic Full HD (1080p) or WQ HD display (1440p). In these cases, the current Nvidia Geforce and AMD Radeon graphics cards with “Dynamic Super Resolution” and “Virtual Super Resolution” are support options. Along with these graphics card driver functions. A 4K resolution monitor can also be created with a low-resolution monitor.

Although official confirmation for a 4K option nationwide launch is still under Chrome. We have already been able to use this resolution with three different Google Stadia accounts in three different locations in Germany. So a global rollout could be assumed, which could be completed worldwide this week. In addition, Stadia has also been making it possible to view and download screenshots and game clips captured by the Chrome browser for a few days.

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The next step is to update Google’s own Stadia controller. So that it can wirelessly communicate with the game streaming service outside of Chromecast Ultra. In parallel, The company is working on launching a free base tariff supporter away from the € 130 Premier Edition. However, the detailed schedule is yet to be published.

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