Window 10 makes significant changes to driver updates

Windows 10: May update comes straight home

Microsoft Window recently made some efforts to improve the distribution of driver updates and introduced several innovations in the past weeks and months. Now Microsoft has taken the next step.

In a blog post at Microsoft’s Hardware Dev Center. The company writes that it will gradually improve its rollout process from March 2020. Such a gradual distribution of the driver is possible for a long time. But so far it has been largely random.

In the future, this type of distribution will be easier to control and thus produce more targeted results. Because the most up-to-date information is provided to clusters and combinations of hardware that are highly active and therefore representative. Especially in favour of enabled devices, Microsoft and driver providers can collect the required diagnostic data quickly and efficiently.

Window 10 Active devices provide better diagnostic data

Because, if you run a highly functional setup first. Of course, the higher the chances of detecting errors and the like. Microsoft writes that certain clusters of HWID / CHID combinations (hardware ID and computer hardware ID) have been targeted. So that driver quality can be assessed in a manner that is representative of the entire population. This process can take up to eight calendar days. But the entire monitoring process is still underway, as it is now 30 days.

Microsoft implemented the first large-scale driver implementation in January. Microsoft giving hardware manufacturers the ability to prevent updates. The next step is in February, namely the option to configure whether the update is critical (CU), dynamic (DU) or manual.

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