PlayStation 5’s new trump card will be shocking. Rumors Says Sony Got Temporary Exclusivity For Unexpected Top Games

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Yesterday’s Imran Khan co-host of “Kinda Interesting Game Daily”, announced that Sony has locked in the exclusive rights to operate some large and well-known multi-platform games for a limited time.

Sony game consoles have always been the most popular exclusive products. Out of project considerations, many people buy Japanese-style game consoles and no longer appear on any other platforms.

With the release of PlayStation 5, nothing will change-Sony will still stick to this strategy. In addition, recent rumors indicate that the company may even launch an offensive in this regard.

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For a long time, we have been used to Sony PlayStation exclusive products as single-player story games. The most famous game consoles of the current generation include “God of War”, “Spider-Man”, “Horizon Zero Dawn” (only available on PC), “Uncharted” series, “The Last Man” part two, etc. However, if the rumors are correct, Sony will provide users with exclusive products of a slightly different nature at the beginning of the PlayStation 5 release. Yes, temporarily.

Imran Khan, former boss of GameInformer, said that Sony will make some very popular and important multi-platform projects temporary. Obviously, these will be new components of certain franchises that have never been exclusive before. Khan promises that we will be shocked when we find the names of these games.

What these items will be is unclear. Earlier, there were rumors that “Grand Theft Auto 6,” “Final Fantasy XVI” and “StarCraft” may temporarily obtain PS5 exclusive rights.

Imran Khan Says; People “Will Be Shocked”

In the past few weeks, some sources, including Khan, have hinted that Sony has been delaying third-party announcements. Khan said last month: “There is more.” “They insisted on something that surprised me very much. If they show them soon, I won’t be shocked.” There are rumors that even suggest that Sony has been Fantasy XVI received some kind of exclusive agreement, although the name has not been officially announced by Square Enix.

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Khan is now further talking about Sony’s so-called timed exclusive deals, which is said to be shocking due to the crazy popularity of these multi-platform games. We have included the following latest “Golden Field Funny Game Daily”:

The former “Game Informer” the senior editor said: “You are shocked to find that Sony has some money.” “They seem to be locked like “Wow, is that the game you are choosing?” Not because it is bad, but because it is big. Therefore, I would like to know where this conversation will go in a few months. Because some games are widely accepted as multi-platform games. And Sony has locked it for a while. Therefore, if they did such a crazy thing, I would not be shocked. ”

More details of these rumored time-exclusive deals have not been shared, but as expected, people are already speculating which multi-platform titles Khan is referring to. Earlier, there were rumors that ResetEra forums, users have mentioned GTA 6 “Grand Theft Auto 6,” “Final Fantasy XVI” and “StarCraft” may temporarily obtain PS5 exclusive rights.

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