World’s top medical school develops vaccines: Applicable to different coronavirus

Four Chinese pharmaceutical companies develop new coronavirus vaccines

Foreign media reports state that on March 10. Karolinska Institutet researchers in Sweden are developing a new coronavirus SARS-Co-2 vaccine. Which is expected to be applied to various coronaviruses.

It is said that there are several vaccines for the candidates in the lab of the Karolinska Institute. And the first animal training is due to begin in late March. First, examine the two candidate vaccines on the rabbit to see if they can trigger our ideal immune response. Karolinska Institutet researchers in Sweden are developing a new coronavirus SARS-Co-2 vaccine.

The candidates’ vaccines target these genetically stable virus constituents, researchers say. The researchers hope to protect against another type of coronavirus. We’re not just looking for a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2. But we’re trying to find a vaccine that can be used against a variety of coronaviruses.

In 1-2 months, researchers will start testing all vaccine candidates in mice at the same time. And hopefully, see which vaccine has the most potential. Researchers say we are more optimistic about the DNA vaccine because it is the most stable and easy to produce.

Researchers say that once we succeed, we will create a production line for the Coronavirus vaccine, and if the Coronavirus explodes, we will be better able to handle it effectively.

New coronavirus: EU must act quickly and forcefully

The new Crown virus, which is rapidly spreading to European countries such as Italy, France and Germany, is one of the key materials handled by French newspaper Le Monde on Tuesday. The French newspaper Le Monde also published an editorial on the article, entitled.

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The European Union Should Work Fast and Vigorously Against the Corona Virus. The newspaper pointed out that in view of the consequences of the spread of the virus from a very strong economic crisis. The EU must equip itself with the means and methods to respond. The European Union should also remember that in the last crisis. The European Union paid a high price for its reluctance.

New coronavirus outbreak surges in Italy: 7,375 confirmed diagnoses, 366 killed


A related editorial article states that although the World Health Organization has been slow to characterize the outbreak of the new crown virus as a global epidemic. The French government has been involved with the French crown virus from Phase 2 to Phase 3. Is showing a slowdown in increasing the severity of the outbreak. To deal with the spread of the new crown virus. But from an economic point of view, we can no longer delay it.

When oil prices plummeted, stock markets fell, global trade fell, and demand in all sectors of the economy suddenly ended. The preparations were needed to respond to the “big storm”, as this big storm Anything can go, they are destroyed.

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