AMD Zen3 single-thread performance is more than 20% higher than Zen2

AMD Zen3 single-thread performance is 20% higher than Zen2

It is reported that AMD Zen3 processor has more than 120% of single-threaded integer arithmetic performance of Zen 2 processor

According to foreign media reports Adored tv, the AMD Zen 3 processor has more than 120% single-threaded integer arithmetic performance of the Zen 2 processor and an IPC improvement of 10-15%. It will be released in September.

According to Adoredtv, the total IPC for Zen 3 is increased by 10% and 15% compared to Zen 2. Since AMD combines two CCXs on one CCD, each CCX’s L3 cache will be doubled. And the code name is “Milan” CPU stepping B0 will be officially completed in September and released in December. AdoredTv Demonstrates AMD EPYC 7000 Series Plan To Prove It. AMD is expected to introduce chipsets and special Milan processors that support DDR5. It also supports PCIe5.0 in the fourth quarter.

Compared to Rome, the efficiency of single-threaded integer arithmetic of Milanese processors is more than 20%, 32% higher in a working environment with 32 cores. And 10-15% higher with a working load pressure of 64 cores. It has been rumored that the performance of the Zen 3 floating-point processor will increase by 50%. But Adoredtv suggests that floating-point performance can only increase by 10%. In contrast, in addition to the server platform, the Ryzen 4000 Vermeer Series desktop processors are expected to be more than 20% faster than the Matisse-based Ryzen 3000.

Taskboot understands that because AMD solves the problem of memory latency and increases the L3 cache. AdoredTv claims that the Zen 3 processor may be more efficient than Intel processors when facing more than 4 cores. The total delay will be reduced, so AMD processors may surpass Intel processors in gaming.

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|(Third-generation EPYC) single-thread performance increased by more than 20%

It was further reported that Milan (third-generation EPYC) single-thread performance increased by more than 20%. The 32-core integer performance is increased by approximately 20%. And 64-core integer performance increased by approximately 15%.

Obviously, with the unified L3 cache system, higher clock frequency, and better integer performance. The gaming performance of the AMD Zen3 Ruilong processor is also expected to have the power to change some rules.

The outside world believes that Zen2 is a turning point for AMD processors, and Zen3 may be a key opportunity for AMD to win the leadership position in the processor market. It will face Tiger Lake on the Intel mobile platform, Rocket Lake on the desktop platform, and Ice Lake on the server market. And Cooper Lake.

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