Apple CEO Cook infected with new coronavirus?

Wuhan University Experts Find Increasing Causes of New coronavirus Pneumonia Death

According to the Los Angeles Times, Lucian Grainge, chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, tested positive for the new coronavirus. He is currently undergoing treatment at a medical centre in Los Angeles.

According to the report, a source familiar with the company ’s operations confirmed that Universal Music ’s Santa Monica, California headquarters was closed on March 13 because an unidentified employee had the New Coronavirus test results. Positive. Previously, the company had planned to close the office next week. It is uncertain whether the shutdown will also involve other offices of Universal Music.

Due to the extremely powerful ability of this epidemic, after Lucian Grange became infected with the new crown virus, those who have been in contact with him will naturally become the focus of attention.

According to “Variety” report, on February 29th recently, Grange just held a 60th birthday party, and the day’s attendees included Apple CEO Tim Cook and others.

Apple declined to comment.

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