Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about new 2020 products

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Apple CEO Tim Cook, in the fourth-quarter earnings report for the second quarter of 2020, published some of his ideas and at the same time gave us an idea of ​​how to develop a new product during the new coronavirus pandemic. He said: “Although performance depends on specific roles, at least in some aspects, individual employee performance has improved. As usual, we work hard. ”

Cook added: A new product has always been the focus of the company and is making continuous efforts to do so. Although performance this quarter was heavily influenced by the new global coronavirus pandemic, Apple knows well what customers expect. In this special period, this issue has become more important.

When asked about possible progress in healthcare, Cook said that was exactly what the company was working on and cited features such as an electrocardiogram (ECG) supported by the Apple Watch.

In addition, Apple has not relaxed in other areas, the company will continue to do so. Although it was not believed that the door to health was greatly expanded, it at least made a certain contribution.

Regarding the current situation in the supply chain and the release of new products in the fall, Cook said everyone should focus on Apple’s already ubiquitous products, rather than looking at the manufacturing process and the assembly of finished products.

The conclusion that can be drawn at present is that there may be some shocks in the supply chain in the next quarter, but I believe it will also recover quickly, confirming that the industry chain has a good ability to resist risks from the side.

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Apple has been studying adjustments, but this part of the content does not need to be discussed. Cook added: The company pays more attention to what it can learn from this situation and how it will implement changes when it is completely out of trouble.

Cook also commented on the Apple Card payment service on the iPhone, saying that Apple is developing for other products, and everyone will know soon.

When asked if customers love entry-level new products, Cook said that the 2020 iPhone SE has indeed caused a strong response, but these people just want to use the latest technology in a small body, or transfer from the Android camp, in addition to high-end The sales of iPad Pro devices are also very strong.

Finally, there are rumours that Apple is preparing to launch a variety of new products later in 2020, including new devices such as the MacBook Pro, iMac, and four iPhones this fall.

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