Why coronavirus mortality is so low in Germany

Why coronavirus mortality is so low in Germany

The number of people diagnosed with Coronavirus in Germany is not small. But the mortality rate is extremely low, and many people are mysterious about it.

As of March 19, 10,999 cases have been confirmed in Germany, with only 20 deaths. The case fatality rate is only 0.18%. While in China and Spain the case fatality rate is about 4 4%. In France 2.9% and in Italy 8.3% higher.

What is the reason for this?

A WHO expert told the agency France Press: It is difficult to say what caused it, we cannot answer it, it should be the result of a combination of different factors.

Germany has adequate medical equipment. Germany has as many as 25,000 respiratory emergency beds. It compared with 7,000 in France and 5,000 in Italy. Moreover, Berlin has just announced that it plans to triple hospital beds in the coming weeks.

At least until now, all patients can be accepted immediately. Moreover, the authorities are not worried about overcrowding hospitals in the future. Such as Italy or the western provinces of France.

But this is not enough to explain the difference between neighboring countries. At the beginning of the outbreak, Germany’s EU partners also provided enough beds. It is clear that if the outbreak of the new Coronavirus continues and the situation gets worse. The benefit of Germany will be significant.

Early detection.

France: Press: Germany recognizes the presence of Coronavirus in Germany very quickly. So Germany is at the forefront of the diagnosis and identification of the Coronavirus.

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Together with a well-developed network of independent laboratories in Germany. These laboratories began testing populations in January when there were a small number of people in Germany who were positive. This gave German doctors the opportunity to better diagnose patients, thereby isolating at-risk patients.

According to experts at the Robert Koch Institute Germany. These German laboratories continue to improve their testing capabilities. Which can test up to 12,000 people daily.

The infected population is relatively young

In Germany, 70% of young people currently diagnosed are relatively young. The people aged 20-50 years. This means that in Germany, the first New Coronavirus epidemic broke out among young people. Who thought themselves healthy didn’t care much about the risk. And was not as cautious as older people. The first victims were mostly people who were vacationing in Italy or Austria. It also means that the epidemic is still in its infancy. In Germany, 25% of the population is over 60 years old. The government fears that the proportion of elderly people dying of the new Coronavirus will increase significantly in the future.

Another factor may be the extremely low mortality rate in Germany. Compared to Italy, Germany no longer tests the new Coronavirus in the dead. German experts say that our rule is to diagnose it before death. Otherwise, it loses its meaning.

But France also conducts post-mortem tests. If you do not get tested, you can die in your home during an outbreak or an autoimmune disease, instead of in the hospital.

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