Microsoft recent update caused Windows 10 Defender to crash

The most important Windows 10 update this year Fix a big wave of errors on the

Microsoft left Windows 10 without antivirus. A recent update released by Microsoft for the Windows 10 operating system left many users without “full time” Windows Defender antivirus (Windows Defender). Microsoft recent update caused Windows 10 Defender to crash

Microsoft recent update caused Windows 10 Defender to crash

Users started complaining that the update “broke” the anti-virus scan process. The users also said that the software started skipping items during the scan error and auto-checking. According to many users, the process ends with an error after a few minutes. The users confirming that the scan has been dropped and that no risk has been detected on the device.

It is not yet clear what was left out during the scan and whether Windows Defender detects any threats now. However, there is a possibility that the alarm is false and in fact, the anti-virus scans successfully.

This issue has been observed on Windows 10 and does not affect other versions of the OS. Apparently, a recent March update showed an error.

Microsoft left Windows 10 without antivirus

An update to Windows Defender on Windows 10 broke anti-virus scans, reporting “anti-virus protection software mistakenly dropping” good equipment during the scan. For many users, Windows, Windows Defender scans are failing after a few minutes, confirming that “Scan skipped” and no threat was detected on the device.

It’s unclear what was left out during the scan by Windows Defender, and we don’t even know if Microsoft’s anti-virus software is capable of detecting any threats on Windows 10.

According to the error message, Windows Defender antivirus scans are not skipped due to an item outage or network scanning settings. Since user reports are not known to have an outage issue, they will be related to a particular security update or other update offered by Microsoft and the device manufacturer.

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Microsoft has not yet documented issues with Windows Defender, but it seems that the offline scan feature is currently working without issue.

Microsoft advises victims to remove the latest Windows 10 update

The company acknowledged problems with the update. The latest update to the Windows operating system has been very difficult. In response to numerous consumer complaints, Microsoft acknowledged the existence of flaws in the public community.

Microsoft recent update caused Windows 10 Defender to crash

The optional KB4535996 update for Windows 10 versions 1909 and 1903 was released at the end of February. These users who have it installed complain about system performance, slow download speed, “blue screen of death”, failures in sleep mode and working with sign tool utilities.

Initially, Windows 10 KB4535996 had to improve system detection and eliminate other major shortcomings and errors.

Now a Microsoft spokesman has said that the company is aware of a problem with the sign tool after installing the KB4535996 update. It recommends deleting this update for affected users. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet recognized the other flaws in the update.

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