HUAWEI EMUI 10 system upgrade users broke 100 million Android 10+

HUAWEI EMUI 10 system upgrade users broke 100 million Android 10+

Just Now Huawei announced that the number of users using the global upgrade of the EMUI 10 system has officially exceeded 100 million.

In September last year, with the release of the Mate 30 phones, Huawei officially launched the EMUI 10 system. In the past few months, Huawei’s various products have also upgraded the EMUI 10 system, which has a total of 33 products such as mobile phones and tablets.

In the EMUI 10 system, the bottom layer is Android 10. But Huawei has deepened the bottom layer of the system by adding many new technologies including…

  • GPU turbo game acceleration
  • Distributed technology
  • The EROFS file system
  • Arc compiler
  • Micro-kernel
  • AI assistant, and more.

huawei EMUI 10 announcement

The main highlights of the Huawei EMUI10 system:

The EMUI 10 kernel is based on Android 10 and uses a new UX design. The dynamic design response is faster, more comfortable, smoother and more physical. It also has a human-mode-based Dark Mood. Which is eye-friendly when watching at night.

The new system also supports color AOD off-screen display, instead of displaying only monochrome dates, times, batteries, message notifications, etc. it can also display color dials, backgrounds, and patterns.

EMUI 10 also has a number of unique features. Such as support for AI space control, and innovative interaction modes with integrated bang attitude sensors in Bang. You can go slide up and down to capture screenshots. And you can use them without even touching the screen. The AI ​​screen-free function can intelligently switch the viewing angle of the screen to horizontal and vertical screens, without manual switching or switching.

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Distributed technology upgrades, braking device and application bottlenecks, and enabling multi-screen collaboration across platforms and systems. Notebooks and mobile phones can be dragged across devices and connected to multiple screens. Use any mobile app on your notebook, send and receive messages, watch videos, drag and drop photos/music/documents/text and more.

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