Samsung S20 series 96Hz / 120Hz switch released

Samsung S20 series 96Hz / 120Hz switch released

We previously reported that some foreign network users set the Samsung S20 + and S20 Ultra refresh rates to 96 Hz using the Android adb command. And it is limited to FHD resolution. Compared with Samsung’s official resolution, the default 2K + refresh rate of 60 Hz, FHD resolution + refresh rate of 120 Hz. While maintaining a high refresh rate, it can also maintain good battery life.

Samsung S20 series 96Hz / 120Hz switch released

XDA has now released the Samsung Galaxy S20 96 Hz / 120 Hz single-key switch. According to Weibo iBing Universe blogger, a 96 Hz screen refresh rate can actually save some energy, but it should not look as smooth as 120 Hz.

XDA released

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will be released in new colors

The Galaxy S20 Ultra currently offers only two color options – gray and black. There are only two colors to choose from, which makes many Samsung fans unhappy. The good news is that Samsung plans to provide users with more color options.

According to Ice Universe’s Twitter account, the new Samsung S20 Ultra color scheme is coming soon. However, no information was provided on which color Samsung chose to use.

Samsung S20 series 96Hz / 120Hz switch released

Many users have suggested that silver Aura Glow may be the new color option, but Ice Universe has clarified that the new Galaxy S20 Ultra color will not be Aura Glow. Samsung IT is expected to launch the new S20 Ultra color scheme.

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