A new outbreak of the coronavirus in Latin America

Pakistan’s epidemic worsens, WHO advocates partial closure

The number of new cases of new pneumonia in Latin America and the Caribbean so far has reached 28.81 confirmed cases and 537 deaths, which is two times more than 5 days ago. For the first time in Brazil, a confirmed disease of the new coronavirus pneumonia was registered; the patient was an indigenous woman.

According to France Press, today the epidemic in Latin America is heating up, and the number of confirmed diagnoses and deaths has doubled in 5 days. According to statistics from France Presse, the number of new outbreaks of coronavirus pneumonia in Latin America and the Caribbean has reached 28.81 confirmed diagnoses and 537 deaths to date. The corresponding figure is twice as much as 5 days ago.

A Guatemalan refugee was killed and more than 20 injured as a result of fear of an epidemic that caused riots in a Mexican shelter to house Central American migrants.

Brazil reported the first diagnosis of Aboriginal people, and tribal immunity is vulnerable. The epidemic was in a 20-year-old patient of the Cocam ethnic group.

According to Luis Enrique Mondetta, Brazil’s Minister of Health, the epidemic is moving forward: “Indigenous peoples’ health is a problem. He added that “indigenous groups should be three times more careful.

Native American tribes have never been exposed to many diseases that led to immunity. It is estimated that diseases caused by European colonial pioneers killed over 95% of Native Americans in America. Experts fear that such ethnic groups remain vulnerable.

According to Mondetta, Aboriginal leaders still have to take two weeks of quarantine when they return home from abroad to avoid the return of foreign diseases to the tribe.

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Cuba previously announced that in order to curb the 2019 coronavirus disease epidemic (COVID-19), day one will rarely be suspended. This march has been a constant political show in Cuba since the victory of the Communist Revolution in 1959 and usually gathers more than one million people annually in the capital Havana.

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