COVID-19: Test in humans: volunteers will receive a vaccine from COVID-19

Scientists have discovered a new atypical symptom of COVID-19

In World and especially in Russia, preparing to test the COVID-19 vaccine: The Ministry of Defense(Russia) selected 50 people who expressed their wish to participate in the experiment. At the same time, scientists at Rosatom National Corporation have developed a new method for treating new coronaviruses by ultraviolet disinfection of the lungs. The researchers call this method “luminescent gas”.

Deadly virus for Humans

-As of June 2, 6,371,661 cases of COVID-19 have been found worldwide. 2,904,925 people were cured and 377,552 people died.

-At the same time, 414,878 new coronaviruses have been recorded in Russia. It turned out that 4 855, 175,877 patients were fatally recovered.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said: “The pathogenicity of a new coronavirus has not decreased-it is still a “killer virus”.

“We must be very careful not to succumb to the illusion that suddenly the virus we own will decide to reduce the pathogenicity. Mike Ryan, the head of the emergency health plan, said this has not happened.

Volunteers prepare for vaccine testing

-The press service of the Kremlin reports that according to a decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, July 1 is the date for voting on the constitutional amendment. It should be noted that the incident should ensure the safety of the people in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

-The Russian Ministry of Defense selected 50 volunteers who will experience the effects of vaccination against coronavirus, TASS reports. There are five women. The department said: “All candidates have undergone preliminary examinations and tests and have not been diagnosed with any disease for a month.” The first group will start preparing for the experiment on June 3.

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-Rosatom researchers have developed a method to treat coronavirus infections by disinfecting the lungs with ultraviolet light. “We call this project “luminescent gas.” So far, no one has been able to disinfect the human body with ultraviolet light. Andrei Goverdovsky, director of one of the leading research centers of state-owned companies ) To the “Rosamut Country” magazine, we came up with away.

He explained that scientists have chosen molecules and gas components that remain active after inhalation and emit ultraviolet rays directly in the lungs. Goverdovsky expressed the hope that this method can not only treat COVID-19 but also treat the oncology of tuberculosis.

-Rospotrebnadzor changed the recommendations for cafes and restaurants, which must be followed when removing security measures in the area. All public catering enterprises can be opened regardless of their size (previously institutions with an open area of ​​less than 50 square meters where allowed). However, in the new document, the distance between restaurant tables has been increased from 1 to 1.5 m.

-In Moscow, Anastasia Rakova, the deputy mayor of the capital, reported about 2-25 million studies on the presence of coronavirus antibodies broadcast on Channel 1. She clarified that there were 35,000 citizens on the day of this analysis.

-Sergey Kravtsov, the head of the department, said that the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation plans to graduate from school in the usual full-time format and expressed the hope that the epidemic situation in the country will be resolved as soon as possible.

Exchange views with the United States

-Putin and US President Donald Trump discussed the measures taken by the two countries to combat COVID-19. “The two countries exchanged views on measures taken to prevent coronaviruses. The Kremlin news agency said in a statement that Vladimir Putin thanked the United States for delivering American mechanical ventilation equipment.

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-According to the report of the Spanish Ministry of Health, on June 1, Spain had no record of dying of COVID-19 every day for the first time.

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