AirPods Studio: leaked new details about Apple’s over-ear headphones

AirPods Studio: leaked new details about Apple's over-ear headphones

Rumors of Apple’s new over-ear headphones are growing. In the room, not only the name “AirPods Studio”, but the first details about the functions, it seems, have leaked. Among other things, it is about finding the neck and head.

For several months, experts speculated on possible headphones that Apple will offer as an alternative to the popular AirPods (Pro) series headphones. Various icons that appeared in the beta version of the future operating system iPhone iOS 14, were the first signs of the emergence of new headphones. In addition, in recent weeks, new AirPods X products that have appeared in the US Target distribution network databases have been talked about. Today, insiders such as John Prosser talk about the name “AirPods Studio,” while colleagues at 9to5Mac talk about the first features of the headphones.

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ANC function and sensors for head, neck, and ears

If you trust unconfirmed rumors, Apple AirPods Studio will add $ 349 in a year. Beats Studio 3 Wireless, also made by Apple. Currently stands at the same price level and could be in direct competition with the looming AirPods. It is currently assumed that AirPod Studio has Active Noise Reduction (ANC) and is similar to suitable transparency modes similar to earbuds. Headphone sensors should also be able to determine if they are worn on the head or neck to pause music when weaning.

Although the launch date for AirPod Studio remains uncertain. The experts expect two versions of the headphones. This is a premium edition with leather elements and a lite version for sports. Magnetic ear pads can also include a modular, customizable design. The “you hold it wrong” moment should also be prevented by new headphones that automatically recognize the left and right ear and adapt the audio channels accordingly. A constant search for left-right markings would be obsolete.

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Apple AirPods 3 & AirPods Pro 2: All information about the new models

What is Apple planning for the next generation of its AirPod family? Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo). He is known for his accuracy in shooting. Currently provides his assessment of AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2. In his opinion, Apple is in no hurry with the release.

The AirPod family will probably not grow again until 2021

There have been many rumors of new AirPod models on the Internet over the past few days. According to Forbes, a well-known analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo from TF International Securities is now talking about his analysis of Apple’s likely plans for headphones. Kuo expects third-generation AirPods to begin production in spring 2021. AirPods 3 – the actual name, of course, will remain the subject of speculation until release. Therefore, it will differ from current models primarily in terms of internal structure but will remain virtually unchanged in appearance.

AirPods 3 Externally unchanged

Accordingly, AirPods 3 will adopt the so-called “system-in-package” (SiP) design that Apple introduced with AirPod Pro. According to the analyst, these adjustments make it possible to achieve better sound quality and longer operating time – as expected from such a product update.

AirPods Pro 2 until 2022

Regarding a possible new edition of the AirPods Pro, Kuo says that he expects production to start here at the earliest in late 2021. However, the analyst does not want to be drawn into speculation about functions.

AirPods Pro-Lite will not be there

Recently rumors of a possible AirPod Pro Lite model have surfaced on the web. However, Kuo does not believe that a product will appear under this name. In his view, however, Apple could plan to release a headphone model under the Beats brand that shares some functions with the Pro version of the AirPods.

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