Bill Gates regrets that he couldn’t have warned better about Covid-19

Pakistan’s epidemic worsens, WHO advocates partial closure

The name Bill Gates has repeatedly appeared in different ways in recent weeks. Because, on the one hand, the Microsoft co-founder stands out in terms of reminders and research financing, on the other hand, he is the center of esoteric conspiracy theories.

Bill Gates is, of course, accustomed to the fact that he has not been loved by everyone. Even if he is a long-term boss of Microsoft, he has encountered a lot of dissatisfaction and hatred. The latter is currently celebrating a glorious comeback, because many coronavirus deniers and “hygiene presenter” participants believe that billionaires are responsible for Covid-19 and even the main population. We have preserved the details here because these theories can still be described in a brainstorming manner.

Gates: Should have given more warning

However, the legend of Microsoft has not been undone but continues to talk about this epidemic. Gates said in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal that he regrets what has happened in the past weeks and months, but the reason is: “I hope I can do more to raise people ’s awareness of this danger. Know. ”

The 64-year-old said: “I feel bad. The whole purpose of talking about this is that we can take action to minimize the danger.” Because Gates has been dealing with the theme of epidemics for many years. In 2014, on the occasion of the Ebola virus, he warned of the global consequences of the unimpeded spread of deadly diseases.

In 2015, Gates talked about pandemics in a conversation at TED and even wrote about the threat in the prestigious New England medical journal. However, despite all his efforts, he could not convince the leaders to better prepare for the Sars-CoV-2 outbreak.

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Gates now told WSJ that he would like his warnings and those of others to lead to “more concerted action at the global level.” But he hopes that leaders around the world will at least learn from the current “tragedy” and invest in their systems “to protect their citizens.”

Bill Gates attacks Trump and criticizes the freezing of WHO funds

The United States has long been the country most affected by Covid-19, with more than 600,000 infections and 26,000 deaths. President Trump is considered the main responsible, he is accused of a slow reaction. But he blames the WHO.

bill gates

On the night of today, Trump, therefore, started the so-called “Blame Game” or raised it to a new level. Trump would of course never admit his own omissions and chose the World Health Organization (WHO) as his most important scapegoat. But Trump has also followed the words with action and has frozen all payments to the WHO until further notice because it allegedly prefers China and misinformed the United States.

The decision, however, has been sharply criticized all over the world, saying that withdrawing funds, particularly during a pandemic, is a fatal mistake that will cost lives. Politicians and health experts around the world attacked Trump for this maneuver, and Bill Gates also spared no criticism.

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