Apple should plan iPhone 2021 without any connections

Apple should plan iPhone 2021 without any connections

The iPhone 12 series, which is expected to be launched in the fall, has not yet been launched because the first insiders are already talking about the iOS smartphones waiting for us in 2021. If you believe these predictions, Apple will continue to abandon USB-C in the future, or even delete the connection completely.

In the large-scale “leakage” incidents that have occurred in the past few days, after almost all the information about the upcoming iPhone 12 (Pro Max) model has been revealed, the rumors factory has begun to discuss the future of Apple smartphones. Although some iOS users want to switch from the classic Lightning port to the universal USB-C port, American manufacturers have long been able to solve this problem. At least this is what the well-informed YouTuber Jon Prosser expects.

A special edition or an entire family without ports?

Prosser expects that Apple will not only abandon the USB-C interface but will also launch a fully wireless iPhone next year (2021). Although there is still no tangible evidence, insiders who specialize in Apple devices have usually predicted his predictions over the past weeks and months. However, it is not clear whether you only consider an iPhone in Cupertino or directly own a complete family without any connection on the screen. As usual, it can be assumed that Apple will not formally comment on this topic.

If this year ’s prediction is correct, the Lightning interface of the iPhone 12 model remains unchanged. However, Apple should propose the standard introduction of 5G modules and make some minor design adjustments in the direction of the iPad Pro. In addition, a more compact 5.4-inch iPhone 12 model can be displayed, which is not only different from the more expensive Pro version in terms of display size and camera options, but also in terms of material selection. Apple is said to want to equip the Pro series with stainless steel, while “ordinary” smartphones rely on aluminum. The price range of the iPhone 12 product portfolio ranges from $ 649 to $ 1,399.

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The latest news of iPhone 12: 

According to current rumors, Apple is developing a new ProMotion display, which will be used at 120 Hz in the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro. There are also discussions about improved facial ID sensors, LiDAR scanners, and new iOS smartphones with 3x zoom.

Recently, foreign media has summarized the latest news and current news of the iPhone 12, which is why people are looking forward to it.

1. Appearance
The metal frame will be further extended to the back glass to increase the anti-fall performance; the newly added dark green of the iPhone 11 Pro will be replaced by a brand new blue.
2. Screen
iPhone 12 Pro and above models will be equipped with 120Hz Pro-motion variable refresh screens; all four iPhone 12s will be equipped with OLED screens (bye the thick border of iPhone 11).
3. Battery
The battery is expected to be larger than the previously reported 4400mAh, but the specific capacity is unknown.
4. Biometrics
Face ID is improved, the bangs are reduced, and the effect is better when placed flat on the desktop. It can also prevent the screen from automatically rotating when lying down; in addition, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be equipped with an on-screen fingerprint recognition function.
5. Camera
Due to the poor performance of the 64-megapixel sensor in the test, Apple decided to continue to use 12-megapixel; the autofocus speed is 2-3 times faster; the radar lens of the iPad Pro is added; it may support 3x optical zoom and 30x Digital zoom

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