Apple partner hints at iPhone 12 delay

Apple partner hints at iPhone 12 delay

Broadcom, one of Apple’s partners, hinted at what the Apple fans were so afraid of – the iPhone 12 release is likely to delay.

The release date of the new iPhone 12 is still a mystery for fans, analysts, and even Apple itself. Because too many uncertainties have introduced coronavirus into the production process. Although some insiders promised that the company will still complete on time. A partner of “Apple” hinted that the release of the iPhone in 2020 will be later than usual.

According to Bloomberg, Broadcom CEO Hawk Tan during a conference call with company analysts said that

The release of “major products”  in North America” ​​will be postponed.

At the same time, it is worth noting that Tan is not the first to use this wording to talk about Apple in secret.

Broadcom is one of the largest suppliers of Apple gadgets. Tan said he expects revenue growth for the wireless chip business to be four quarters later than expected this year

“The obligation will be fulfilled. The head of Broadcom said the only problem is time. He added that he expects profit growth in the fourth quarter of this year.

Earlier, foreign media reported that the next iPhone will be released a few weeks later than usual. And it will get the number “12”. Hawk Tan added that the delay will not cause gadget design and hardware changes.

Traditionally, new smartphones will be shown to the public in the second half of September. Typically, smartphone manufacturers place orders for components several months before the product is released. If Apple originally planned to deliver on time in September, then parts orders will arrive at Broadcom this quarter.

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However, “Apple” suppliers claimed that this year’s situation is different.

In late April, “The Wall Street Journal” announced that Apple will postpone the production date from July to September this year. This may mean that sales will be later than usual. In addition, according to company practice, the speech is likely to be held in September. According to the publication, the shift in sales beginning may cause a shortage of iPhone 12, because the demand for them will exceed the supply.

The main reason for postponing the launch of the new product line is the COVID-19 epidemic. For this reason, most of Apple’s factories in China have been closed for a long time. In addition, the new coronavirus affected the development process of the new iPhone. Because engineers had to lead Chinese colleagues to live instead of communicating via video due to closed borders.

In May, insiders announced that in 2020 Apple is preparing four new iPhones at once, each of which will receive support for 5G technology. At the same time, approximate prices for gadgets were published – for example, the cost of iPhone 12 will start at $ 649, iPhone 12 Max – from $ 749, iPhone 12 Pro – from $ 999, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max – from $ 1099.

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