Nintendo unpacks the legal club against the switch hacks

Nintendo Switch: Planned to upgrade next-gen console

In the United States, Nintendo is taking legal action against Switch hacking providers. The company claims that these modifications allow the use of “pirated video games.” Claim in court: close the corresponding store and compensate.

Hacks for the Nintendo Switch: Now the providers are being sued

As Polygon wrote in his report, Nintendo ’s lawyer initially filed two charges against the unpleasant hacker scene of Nintendo Switch. The company wrote in a letter to the court that the first prosecution was against the so-called UberChips website operator, and the company provided a tool on the Switch to circumvent “technical protection measures.” The second indictment targets many unspecified suspects, who also allegedly own websites that sell Nintendo Switch hackers.

According to available information, all the accused have in common that they sell products from the anonymous hacker group Team Xecuter. Nintendo lawyers call these products “an unauthorized operating system (…) and related piracy tools,” Polygon quotes from court documents, in particular, the modified Switch- OS “SX Pro”, which can be downloaded via USB kits. This, in turn, means that, according to lawyers, “unauthorized access and copying” of the Group’s products is possible.

Nintendo files lawsuits in a crackdown against Switch hackers

Nintendo of America filed two lawsuits on Friday against Nintendo Switch hackers who sell pirated video game software, according to court documents received by Polygon.

The first lawsuit was filed on Friday in an Ohio court against Tom Dilts Jr., the alleged operator of the UberChips website. A second lawsuit was filed in Seattle’s court on the same day against a number of anonymous defendants from several websites. It is reported that all defendants sell products from a group of anonymous hackers called “Team Xecuter”. Nintendo lawyers described the products as “an unauthorized operating system … and the pirated tools that accompany it.”

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These products allow users to circumvent Nintendo’s “technological security measures” designed to protect its products from “unauthorized access and copying”. According to lawyers, after it is turned off, players can download an unauthorized operating system and play pirated video games.

In an attempt to crackdown on hackers, Nintendo is focusing its legal efforts on resellers. In 2018, Nintendo filed a similar lawsuit against Team Xecutor, a hacker reseller. In January, he won an injunction against the defendant in the case, Sergio Mojarro Moreno, who was ordered to stop reselling the hacks. Similarly, Nintendo filed a lawsuit in September 2019 against a ROM website called RomUniverse, which allows users to download pirated video games for the system and others.

The first shop already down

With its lawsuit, Nintendo is seeking to prohibit and stop the operation of the relevant websites. They are also demanding compensation of $ 2500 for each product sold by vendors that allow the switch to be hacked. On the UberChips page, you can already read at the current time that “an unfortunate chain of circumstances” has occurred and that all open orders must, therefore, be refunded. The phrase “we did not want to cause any damage by pre-selling these products” further suggests that the makers refer to the indictment. However, other accused operators have not yet taken their websites off the net.

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