Games compatibility for PS4 with the PlayStation 5 console

Here it is - PlayStation 5! Sony finally showed off its console and it looks impressive

As you know, in the battle of the new generation of consoles on the side of the Xbox Series X, games with all previous versions of Microsoft consoles will be backward compatible. For Playstation 5 “thousands of games” will be available from the beginning.

As for PlayStation 5, Sony has not made this clear. Except that the new game console will be compatible with PS4 games and will initially provide about 100 of the best games from the latest generation of consoles.

Now, new information on this topic appears. According to reports, Sony told developers that all PS4 games that Sony has launched since July 13 should be compatible with PlayStation 5. Of course, involving high-end projects such as “The Last of Us” Part II, “Soul of the Island” or “Cyberpunk 2077”. It will be released before the release of PS5. There is no doubt that their work on the new generation of consoles. But now we can safely say that all new games launched after July 13 will be available on the new console later.

Just in case, it’s worth explaining in more detail, this has nothing to do with the game release, has nothing to do with the announcement. It is related to the “demo” of the gaming company Sony. Which is conditionally certified. For example, “Ghost of Tsushima” will be released on July 17. But it has been certified for a long time. Therefore, in a formal situation, for this project, compatibility with PS5 is optional, but this is a large project inside Sony. So it is clear that compatibility can be ensured.

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Another aspect involves patching and reworking. If any games are shown to Sony before July 13, the subsequent patches and remakes do not need to be compatible with PS5. But “strongly recommend.

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