In the USA, a strange girl with two mouths was born

In the USA, a strange girl with two mouths was born

A girl with two mouths was born in the United States. Usually, this pathology is associated with severe developmental abnormalities, but the girl was lucky. The second mouth with tongue and teeth was the only deviation.

In the United States, a girl with two mouths was born. The second is formed on the chin. Where the tongue and the rest of the teeth are located. The doctor described an extremely rare abnormality in the BMJ case report.

This phenomenon is called diprosopus or maxillofacial repetition. This is a very rare situation-only 35 cases have been described in the last century. A fetus with double Thoreau has a trunk and normal limbs, but facial features are replicated to one degree or another. In less severe cases, the nose and eyes of the fetus repeat, away from each other. In the worst case, the entire face is copied. The fetus of trichlorfon usually has no brain, neural tube defects, and heart defects.

Most children with diprosopus die before birth.

Using ultrasound, CT, MRI, and MR angiography can even detect trichlorfon before birth. One of the first signs of craniofacial duplication is polyhydramnios. Which is characterized by the accumulation of large amounts of amniotic fluid. There is no specific treatment for double speed. Almost always, doctors recommend that if trichlorfon is detected early enough. Pregnant women should have an abortion.

two mouth

In this case, the pregnancy proceeds normally. However, during the second trimester, the doctor draws attention to the tumor on the right side of the fetal mandible. An accurate diagnosis cannot be made before delivery. Doctors tend to have cysts or teratomas. But when girls are born, they obviously face a much rarer phenomenon.

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A second mouth with a depth of about 13 mm is formed on the lower jaw, and the tongue is thick. It is not connected to the esophagus, nor does it interfere with the work of the main mouth or breathing. The doctor found that the girl had no more health problems.

For two weeks, the doctor has been looking after the baby. The girl ate well and gained weight. The extra mouth did not attract much attention, only the transparent liquid protruded from it. It is most likely saliva, but the researchers did not analyze the fluid.

Interestingly, during feeding, the girl protruded an additional tongue from her mouth and moved it in synchronism with the main one.

two mouths

MRI shows that there are complete teeth in this area.

The doctor wrote: “Usually, duplication of craniofacial structures is part of a syndrome and is often associated with cleft lip, c-cleft, Klippel-Feil syndrome, and Robin syndrome.” “Our patient is a rare isolated disorder without Cases with concomitant diseases. “

When the girl was six months old, she underwent surgery. The researchers removed the second bite of tissue and excess teeth. After healing, only a little scar remains at the surgical site.

The doctor saw the girl for another six months. There was no problem with her diet, but there was difficulty in relaxing her right lips-obviously, muscles or nerves were affected.

In the case of repeated maxillofacial cases, the doctor found only a few references to the second bite. The first case was recorded in 1948-the tongue of the child ’s second mouth moved synchronously with the normal person.

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In 1978, a second mouth in the temple area was described in a 22-year-old man.

The researchers pointed out that trichlorfon is more common in girls, but the reason is unclear. Perhaps this is just a coincidence-in order to draw a more reliable conclusion, there are very few abnormal situations.

If the second mouth is rare, extra teeth will be more common in unexpected places. Therefore, in 2019, American doctors operated on a man with teeth on his nose. Maybe he just grew incorrectly, or it was a dermoid cyst-a benign tumor in which hair, teeth, or glands can grow.

The teeth on the nose make up 0.1-1% of the population, mainly men. The growth of teeth on the nose can cause injuries or infections, as well as birth defects such as cleft lip. The young patient’s nose and jaw fractured, but according to the doctor, this is unlikely to cause the nose and teeth to grow. They believe that teeth are most likely to grow up in childhood, but it does not start to bother until nearby tissues become inflamed.

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