“GTA6” release date leaked:

"GTA6" release date leaked:

Game content and GTA6 release time affect the hearts of millions of players. A few days ago, some analysts found clues from the Take-Two financial report and calculated that “GTA6” would be in April 2023-2024. Published between months.

Since the last time this method was successfully used to calculate the release time of Wildlife: Atonement 2, it sparked a heated discussion in the game circle. Of course, everyone is still very worried, GTA6 has yet to wait so long.

However, it was rumored that Take-Two rarely answered, saying that the increase in marketing expenses in the fiscal year had nothing to do with first-class work. This budget is reported to a tripartite company for the distribution of external games. Obviously, R Star “GTA6” is an internal IP that is not included.

It is reported that “GTA5” was born for six and a half years, and sales exceeded 130 million copies. In addition, Take-Two president Karl Slatoff said the company plans to release at least 93 new games by the fiscal year 2025, including 46 new IP addresses and 47 classic IP extensions.

I believe that these 93 games should be “GTA6”, and other names in the classic IP can also be “Bioshock”, “XCOM UFO”, “Bully Rooney” and so on.

“GTA6” has been in operation for 6 years! Big Mac map

Recently, from time to time there has been news about GTA6, but R Star kept his mouth shut and no one knows when a new job will appear, although it seems that this is possible at any time.

According to the latest data, “GTA6” was launched back in 2014, that is, it was silently produced for 6 years, and everyone should remember that “GTA5” was released in September 2013, that is, “GTA5”. Less than a year after its launch, the sequel is on its way.

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Previous gaming media reported that GTA6 was recently included in the R Star development plan, which clearly does not comply with industry rules.

The GTA series has always been famous for its grand and open maps. GTA6 will definitely be bigger, but how big is it?

The previous statement was “medium-sized”, but the last description became “gigantic beast-sized”. For players who like to freely explore and explore the different gameplay and plot, this is undoubtedly good news.

Of course, even if it has been developed for 6 years, this does not mean that you can quickly play “GTA6”. On the one hand, GTA5 still has a strong vitality. You must squeeze all the values ​​to promote new ones. On the other hand, the R star is in “Big investments in GTA6, combined with more excellent cards, naturally require more time for polishing.

“GTA 6” has completed 50% development

In the gaming industry, GTA 6, Old Roll 6, and Half-Life 3 are almost the three most exciting new games. The biggest concern of these three brothers is that people are not even sure if they are in development. , Fans awaiting “GTA 6” today heard the good news and reported that the game has been under development for more than half.

Gaming media previously reported that the game “GTA 6” was only recently included in the development plan R. This news made many fans feel cold. According to estimates of this progress, it will take another seven or eight years to see GTA 6.

However, there is good news. An uncle on the Internet said that GTA 6 was indeed under development for a long time. The game was developed according to the “The Wilderness” model, that is, after the release of the current work, a new generation of games will immediately begin. Do.

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The game “GTA 5” was released in April 2015. She was only 5 years old. If a new game is launched at that time, it will be developed for at least 5 years. Uncle said the game completed at least 50% of the development.

50% of development progress sounds much better, but judging by the speed of company R, is it estimated that we will have to wait another 5 years? Given that Wilderness 2 can develop over seven or eight years, GTA 6, which has been a sword for 10 years, seems not impossible.

It makes no sense to go back and forth. Anyway, I waited for 5 years. Be patient. Everyone is waiting for a girlfriend/boyfriend or daughter and son to come and play again.

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