Will the snow freeze the coronavirus? The Central Meteorological Observatory responded by

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Will the snow freeze the coronavirus? Last night, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei started the first snow of the year.

Some netizens question whether snowfall can inhibit the spread of the virus?

In response, the Central Climate Observatory official worked to popularize “cross-border” science.

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The Central Meteorological Observatory said some doctors were consulted and some homework was done. In general, there are advantages and disadvantages of the spread of snowflakes virus. In addition, snow can clear the air, as snow particles can effectively resolve fine particles floating in the air, and these particles often prevent viruses or bacteria. Therefore, after the snowfall, air quality is usually very good, and everyone can breathe easily.

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On the other hand, snowfall is usually accompanied by cooling.

Do you think this will freeze the coronavirus?

No, bid a lot! Cold, dry air-like viruses. We often say that the weather is cold, avoid colds.

In fact, flu is not the cause of colds, but colds will be more suitable for invading viruses. After the cold, the respiratory system is prone to more damage to the human mucosa, the virus survives longer, reproduces faster, and the virus entering the nasal cavity is more likely to be infected.

So a virus that cannot be interconnected when it gets cold and you have a severe cold. Specific to the current Coronavirus, experts also said that the virus is afraid of heat and alcohol. But did not say that it is not afraid of the cold, I guess it is not afraid.

 new coronavirus

Of course, because it is not a “professional”, the official of the Central Meteorological Observatory reposted the interpretation of the experts. Experts believe that the relationship between weather and the epidemic is very complicated, and it takes time to understand the new coronavirus, and the public should not rashly go out.

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Among them, Wang Linghang, director of the Beijing Ditan Hospital’s Infectious Disease Emergency Department, believes that climate change should not change the public’s understanding of the epidemic.

Coronavirus: “See the flu for example.

The weather is cold in winter and spring, but it is an active period of the flu virus. And the new coronavirus is a new virus that has been transformed. In some cases, it can be killed. However, the current understanding is still not so strong. It takes time to dive into research.

Zhang Liming, the chief physician of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care at Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, also believes that it is not cold that can kill the virus. Some laboratory virus samples are stored in low-temperature environments and some may survive for a long time.

“The changes in the weather have brought a psychological signal that will help everyone overcome the epidemic. But, for now, we should focus on home and reduce congregations. If we go to parties or snowball battles, Increases the risk of respiratory infections, which is not conducive to self-defence and pandemic diseases, “said Wang Linghang.


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