Anonymous hackers promise to “expose” Minneapolis police

Anonymous hackers promise to “expose” Minneapolis police

The hacker group Anonymous posted a video that threatened to “expose” the Minneapolis police and accused it of cruelty and corruption. Shortly thereafter, several sites related to the city ’s law enforcement agencies became victims of cyberattacks. At the same time, the American riots caused by the protests against the murder of African-American African-American George Floyd by police did not stop.

Bloomberg reported that an anonymous hacker threatened to “expose” the Minneapolis police in a video released on May 28th. Guy Fawkes, a man wearing a hood and mask, accused law enforcement agencies in the city of “serious violence and corruption.”

Last week, a 46-year-old African American, George Floyd, died after being brutally detained by the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of the police officers pressed his knee to his throat. And, as a result, Freud died of suffocation. This incident triggered massive protests in many American cities.

Anonymous promised to tell the police about other crimes.

The hero of the video said that he “distrusted” their judicial administration, so the team will soon release information about other crimes committed by Minneapolis law enforcement officials.

According to him, the murder of George Freud was only “the tip of the iceberg”.

“Our name is Legion. The videotape said, look forward to us. The videotape collected 2.3 million views on social network Facebook.

Last weekend, there were hacking attacks on the Minneapolis Police Department’s website and the City Hall’s website-both resources have been inaccessible for some time. The next day, these sites began to randomly ask visitors to introduce so-called “captchas” (captcha), a test designed to identify robots in real people.

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This test reduces the risk of cyber-attacks because it prevents attackers from overloading pages with automatic requests.

Minneapolis police and city officials declined to comment on potential hacking sites.

Anonymous people do not admit to being responsible for attacks on city network resources. But it is well known that Twitter accounts allegedly associated with the organization forwarded news about hacking attacks.

Many Silicon Valley IT giants have condemned the murder of George Floyd.

“The injustice and cruel treatment of black people in our country must be stopped. Amazon said in a formal statement that we express our solidarity with the community (our employees, customers. And partners) in the fight against racism and injustice.

Racism is not a manifestation of social distance. Amid the fear and insecurity surrounding the pandemic, this week once again draws attention to the widespread phenomenon. The long-term racism and injustice that black people face every day, “Twitter said.

In a letter to employees, Apple CEO Tim Cook condemned the murder of Floyd and called on everyone to create a “better and fairer world.”

Apple ’s CEO wrote: “Only by ensuring that everyone who loves, works and lives in his country is free from fear and arbitrariness can we beautify

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