Epic Games Store will now give away brand new games for free

Epic Games Store will now give away brand new games for free

Sega and Creative Assembly announced last year’s Total War Saga. Troy, a new addition to the famous strategy series Total War Saga. Yesterday, the publisher and developer announced that Total War Saga. Troy was the exclusive release of the Epic Games Store, and it could be downloaded for free.

Total War Saga: Troy will be released on August 13 this year. Everyone who has an Epic Games Store account will be able to get the game for free for the first 24 hours after the release.

Epic Games Store will now give away brand new games for free

Thanks to Epic, we can offer the Total War title for free on launch day. We are glad that we can do this for our fans. This means not only that we can convey the stories and legends about Troy to a wide audience through the Epic platform. But also that new players will be able to try Total War for the first time. The game having tested the unique gameplay that the series is famous for. Director of Sega Europe studio Tim Heaton.

The game will be available in the Epic Games Store for a year, after which Steam and other stores will appear. Earlier in the Epic Games Store, the Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, which includes Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: Pre-Sequel, became free.

“Total War: Troy” will be given away for free on the day of release

Even after giving away games such as “GTA5”, “Civilization 6”, “Legal Defense 4”, “Dark Blood”, “Borderless Land: Handsome Jack Collection”, the Epic Games store still seems not to be bought by some players. “Don’t give away such an old game.”

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So, can’t you play with Epic?

The Legend of Total War: Troy, scheduled for sale on August 13, will be available for free for all registered players within 24 hours of landing on Epic, and it is permanently enjoyed.

Although the name of “Total War” is almost meaningless compared to “GTA5” and “Civilization 6”, it should be known that last year’s “Total War: Three Kingdoms” sold 1 million sets in a month.

Of course, it must be pointed out that “Total War: Troy” is not a large-scale work in the series. The perspective is on the Trojan War, but from the past quality, it is still worth looking forward to, and this time it is free.

Epic: Free is good for players and manufacturers

Epic’s founder Tim Sweeney, during which Tim Sweeney said: Epic’s free games are not only beneficial to players, but also to Epic stores and other game manufacturers. Under this influence, Tim Sweeney said that Epic currently has a 15% market share, and this number is still growing.

Tim Sweeney said that if you don’t play games like “Happiness Factory”, you won’t spend money on it. But if you play for free, then you will realize how good it is. It is in this way that people have discovered many masterpieces.

“This is also beneficial for game developers. After many developers made their games free in the store, they found that sales on Steam and console platforms also increased due to increased attention.” He said that this allowed Epic to obtain Tens of millions of new users.

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He also stated that they realized early on the need for a bold and subversive approach, so it was free and exclusive. Under this influence, the Epic store currently has 15 market shares.

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