PlayStation and Android Presentations Canceled

PlayStation and Android Presentations Canceled

Sony, Google, Cisco, and many other companies announced that their online activities have been delayed due to the protests sweeping across the United States. The media reported on the demo of canceling the PlayStation 5 console and Android 11 operating system.

According to the Axios portal, many technology companies that plan to speak in early June have abandoned plans related to the American Holocaust.

Last week, a 46-year-old African American, George Floyd, died after being brutally detained by the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of the police officers pressed his knee to his throat. And Freud died of mechanical asphyxiation. This incident triggered massive protests in many American cities.

One of the people who announced the cancellation of the event is Sony. Which is preparing to make a major announcement on the next-generation PlayStation 5 console.

The game demo of the game console is scheduled for June 4 to show the audience the “future of the game.” However, due to the situation in the country, the “future” must be postponed.

“We decided to postpone the release of PlayStation 5 that was originally scheduled for June 4. We learned that gamers around the world are eagerly waiting for PS5 games. But we don’t think it’s time for a celebration. We want to keep silent so that we can listen To a more important voice,” Sony said in a statement.

PlayStation and Android Presentations Canceled

Many users of social networks support the company’s decision. It is noting that they are now “in no mood” to watch the next generation of games.

Google also decided to cancel its public beta for Android 11.

Since the annual Google, I/O 2020 annual conference related to the coronavirus pandemic was canceled. This speech should have been online. Google plans to have the company’s vice president Dave Burke (Dave Burke) preside over the launch of Android 11. And then holds a question and answer session on the social network.

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However, these plans must also be postponed.

“We would love to tell you more about Android 11. But this is not a time for celebration. We postponed the event and the Beta version that was originally scheduled for June 3. The company said that soon, we will receive information about Android 11.

PlayStation and Android Presentations Canceled

According to the introduction of the 9to5Google portal, the transmission of the presentation will not affect the final release date of Android 11. Which is scheduled for the third quarter of this year.

Cisco also announced the rescheduling of this event due to the protests in the United States. The Cisco Live 2020 meeting held online this year will not be held. The company’s CEO Chuck Robbins condemned George Floyd’s “horrible, crazy, and really disgusting” murder in a video message.

“People in the United States and around the world are now in pain, despair, and anger. We hope to give you time to organize your affairs,” Robbins said.

According to reports, Electronic Arts canceled the trailer for the new American football simulator Madden NFL 21.

“We express our support to the community of African American friends, colleagues, and partners. The management said that we will have time to discuss American football with you. Because what is happening is more important than games and sports-we must be united And work together to achieve change.

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