Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Design & Feature & Launching & Charging works!

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Look Like & Launching & Charging works!

A well-established insider under the nickname Xiaomishka, who regularly produces interesting news about Xiaomi and Redmi products. He has posted new posters for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet.

The presentation of Mi Band 5 on Thursday!

The release date of Mi Band 5 has been reliably known!.  The official speech of Mi Band 5 will be held on June 11 at 14-00 local time (9 am Moscow time).

Almost all the information about the new Xiaomi fitness bracelet is well known. The latest news revealed its design, specifications, the presence of NFC in the global version. And also the expected price of new products.

Mi Band 5 design, specifications, and more features

The Chinese company did not “reinvent the wheel” but tried the design of Mi Band 5. The new series of popular fitness bracelets will use removable capsules with a 2.5D round display.

The screen size has increased from 0.95 inches to 1.2 inches.

The release date of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 completely coincides with last year’s presentation. Since it was June 11, 2019, that Xiaomi introduced Mi Band 4, which in a week could be officially bought in a store in Europe.



The official poster reveals four basic color options for the bracelet (for those who are not familiar with Xiaomi fitness trackers, the color of the capsule remains black).

Here the all official Mi Band 5 posters

There will be six colors to choose from. Dear reader, I don’t know which color bracelet you will choose. However, personally, I really like the yellow bracelet. It looks bright, like summer.

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mi band posters

Some interesting things to attract users to buy Xiaomi Mi band 5

If you are still using the second or third generation, it’s time to update the gadget. Now there is no need to switch from level 4 to level 5, especially if you have just purchased Mi Smart Band 4 with NFC, it is very suitable for payment in Russian stores.

Key features confirmed by official posters.

Xiaomi mi band feature

Xiaomi mi band feature img.JPG

The main differences and advantages of Mi Band 5:

  • Screen increased by 0.25 inches;
  • The battery got a little bigger;
  • Heart rate tracking has been improved by measuring SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation);
  • Multifunctional NFC in the global version (Google Pay may appear, but most likely it will be implemented only through Mastercard cards in the initial stages);
  • 5 new sports modes (total 11);
  • Alexa smart assistant
  • Tracking menstrual cycles for women;
  • The ability to control the shutter of the smartphone’s camera using Mi Band 5.

How the magnetic charging of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 works

One of the main advantages of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is the ability to charge gadgets without removing the capsule. I’m sure that many users will feel some kind of “pain” when trying to get capsules from bracelets.

The charging process is shown below.

How does the magnetic charging of Mi Band 5 work?

With this solution, charging becomes more convenient! It usually takes a few minutes to get the capsule carefully.

And so the photo looks like a charger with a mount for fixing the capsule

mi band 3

In addition, a magnetic charger was demonstrated. This allows you to charge Xiaomi Mi Band 5 without removing the electronic part from the bracelet itself.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be presented on June 11. And sales in China will begin on June 18.


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