iPhone 12 coming soon, Apple reduces the official discount on the site

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If there are no accidents, less than three months are left before the official launch of the iPhone 12. Over the past two days, Apple has lowered the stock price of older products. The current maximum exchange price for the iPhone Xs Max, available for exchange, has been reduced from $534.28 to $520.03. With the exception of the iPhone SE (first generation), the exchange price of other older models is also different.

|Specific discount price changes:

  • iPhone XS Max: $534.28 to $520.03 (down $14.25)
  • IPhone XS‌: $491.54 to $413.18 (down $78.36 )
  • iPhone XR: $334.82 (unchanged)
  • IPhone‌X: $327.69 to $313.44  (down $14.25)
  • ‌IPhone‌ 8 Plus: $270.70 to $242.21 (down $28.49)
  • IPhone‌ 8: $213.71 to $185.22 (down $28.49 )
  • IPhone‌ 7 Plus: $192.34 to $185.22 (down $7.12)
  • IPhone‌7: $142.47  to  $113.98  (down $28.49)
  • ‌IPhone‌ 6s Plus: $85.48 (unchanged)
  • ‌IPhone‌ 6s: $85.48 to $64.11 (down $21.37)
  • ‌IPhone‌6: $56.99 to $49.87 (down $7.12)
  • ‌IPhone‌SE (1st Gen):  $85.48 to $92.61  (add $7.12)

Apple iphone price change

Apple iphone price change

In addition, on the official website of the iPhone 11, the price accepted by Apple is the price received as a result of the redemption of the iPhone 8 Plus. However, with the purchase price declining, this price changed from $569.76 to $598.25 .

Iphone 11 price

|Previous discount price (based on iPhone 8 Plus)

Apple iphone price list

|Expected Price of iPhone 12

Rumor has it that Apple will release four iPhones in 2020. The 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch ‌iPhone 12, the 6.1-inch ‌iPhone 12 Pro, and the 6.7-inch ‌iPhone 12‌ Pro Max. It is expected that all new iPhones in 2020 will adopt new designs. It is more similar to the iPhone‌ 4 or iPad Pro, with square frames and front and rear windows.

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In terms of the selling price, the iPhone 12 is rumored to be available for sale starting at $ 649, (iPhone 11 costs $ 699). Which is cheaper than the iPhone 11, and the entry threshold is further reduced.

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