iPhone 12 system will cancel the 2.5D glass design

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After the release of the iPhone X, the appearance of the iPhone was practically not updated. For consumers, changing the appearance of design is undoubtedly the strongest perception.

This year, the new iPhone is likely to change the design. Judging by previous news, this year’s iPhone will return to a Founder design similar to the iPhone 4, or closer to the mid-design of the current iPad Pro.

iPhone 12 system will cancel the 2.5D glass design

An Apple Lab informant recently tweeted that all iPhone 12 models will use a clean flat glass design, i.e. 2.5D curved glass will be canceled. With the exception of Apple, most of the manufacturers’ flagship mobile phones will present one or more models with a curved screen or “waterfall screen”.

The industry as a whole believes that Apple will release four iPhone 12 models this year, including a 5.4-inch (iPhone 12), two 6.1-inch (iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro), and a 6.7-inch model. (iPhone 12 Pro Max). )

For users, do you prefer a clean straight screen design or a radian design?

|Will iPhone 12 all models cancel the 2.5D curved glass design?

As the fall conference approached, the latest news about the iPhone 12 appeared one after another, including the appearance design, performance configuration, and even some accessories, which caused a lot of heated discussions. According to the latest news from the famous Apple Lab, all iPhone 12 models cancel the 2.5D curved glass design and adopt a clean flat glass design that is a bit like the design of the iPhone 4.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Just mentioned that Apple canceled the bonus of the headphone cable and the charging head. The cancellation of the headphone cable is still easy to solve, and now the wireless Bluetooth headset is gradually gaining market, and the problem of not including the wired headset is not big, but when it comes to not charging the head It does not seem to be very appropriate.

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After all, the iPhone’s charging head power is still struggling in the quagmire of 18W, and the 20W charging head is still in the process of preparing. The domestic models on the market can use the 65W charging head. Some time ago, 125W. The charging heads are also released. It seems that the iPhone does not come with a charging head, and the battery life is relatively weak. If the iPhone 12 series as a 5G mobile phone does not improve its battery life and charging capabilities, some users may turn to “invest” in the Android camp.

Apple iPhone12 Max

Finally, if the news is true, the iPhone12 series is canceling the 2.5D curved glass design and canceling the earbuds and charging heads. And the battery life is not very good. The capacity is only 3687 mAh). However, since the news has been published, you can only look at it. In the end, Apple officials did not respond. Even to cut costs, the editor believes that Apple is unlikely to “launch” this glass panel. Just look, still waiting for the autumn conference, let Apple personally open this veil.

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