Expose Apple’s first “Apple Silicon” chip with 12 cores

Expose Apple’s first "Apple Silicon" chip with 12 cores

Apple’s first “Apple Silicon” ARM chip is designed for 12 cores, and the new MacBook Pro will be equipped.

Expose Apple’s first "Apple Silicon" chip with 12 cores

According to the rumor, this 12-core chip will have 8 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores. And the first product to use it is expected to be a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Foreign media pointed out that taking the A12Z on the Mac mini as an example, although the chip will cause performance loss when running applications through Apple’s Rosetta 2, it still beats the Surface Pro X, and the GPU beats the Ryzen 5 4500U and Core in the OpenCL test. The nuclear display of i7-1065G7. Therefore, the 12-core Apple Silicon chip not only has powerful computing and graphics performance, but also the 13-inch MacBook Pro motherboard will be smaller. And the battery life will be longer than that of the previous Intel processor-based products.

Taskboot has reported that as early as April, a Bloomberg report pointed out that the new generation of Mac processors will be based on a 5-nanometer process, with 8 high-performance cores, codenamed Firestorm, and at least 4 energy-saving cores, codenamed Icestorm.

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