AMD promises: Zen 3 Ryzen processor debut this year

Definitely! AMD officially announced Zen3 Ryzen CPU

On the evening of the 21st, AMD released the Ryzen 4000G and Ryzen PRO 4000G APUs. Although they were only officially sold in the initial stage. They will also enter the DIY retail market in the future.

For Zen3, which everyone cares more about, Rick Bergman, the executive vice president of AMD’s computing and graphics business, made a clear promise that Zen3-based client processors will be launched later this year.

Although CEO Dr. Su Zifeng also promised Zen3 before, the surest thing is EPYC Milan. Consumers have said that it may be postponed to next year’s CES and even rumored to be directly upgraded to 5nm. Judging from Bergman’s response, this is nothing.

Ryzen AMD

According to the information at hand, the Zen3 Ryzen CPU code-named “Vermeer” is based on the 7nm+ upgraded version of the process. At the architecture level, IPC (equivalent and same frequency) increases by 15-20%. The latest revelations pointed out that Milan (third-generation EPYC) single-threaded performance increased by more than 20%, 32-core integer performance increased by approximately 20%, and 64-core integer performance increased by approximately 15%.

CPU Road Map

Obviously, with a unified L3 cache system, higher clock frequency, and better integer performance. The gaming performance of AMD Zen3 Ryzen processors is also expected to have the strength to rewrite the current market situation.

However, don’t expect the Zen3 Ryzen CPU to be released too soon. After all, the Ryzen 3000 XT has just started to sell. And the APU also needs some breathing time.

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