Problematic specs for the Google Pixel 5 leaked: Mini battery despite high refresh rate QHD + display?

Problematic specs for the Google Pixel 5 leaked: Mini battery despite high refresh rate QHD + display?

Some of the specs of the Pixel 5 are already known, with the grand prize thrown into the room a few days ago, easing the high expectations a bit. This should apply even more to the new instructions from the speaker, which indicates a supposedly heavily diminished battery.

The latest information about Google’s fall program called Pixel 5 sounds, at least at first glance, rather unpleasant. Yesterday’s overly inflated expectations for relatively low prices for Google’s Snapdragon 765 phone were eased when it was revealed that Pixel makers were apparently looking to charge $ 699 for the Pixel 5.

Does Google really only want to install a 3,080 mAh battery in its Pixel 5 despite its 120Hz QHD display?

This price has not yet been confirmed, but you shouldn’t count on a pre-Christmas deal. Potential buyers should also arm themselves when it comes to battery life. At least according to leader Jason K., the Pixel 5 will only have a 3,080mAh battery, which sounds grossly understated considering the 6.67-inch display with up to 120Hz refresh rate and QHD + resolution with 540 PPI pixel density.

The Leaker, which previously gave us the controversial price, underscores that Google ostensibly wants to spend a lot of time optimizing software and get close to Apple’s level in this regard. But godly desire could fail due to reality, especially given that iOS Competition here has strategic advantages and greater influence on components, such as an important chipset. The proposed method of lowering the refresh rate to 90Hz also looks more like a lazy compromise than a necessity.

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Android rivals have relied on 4,000+ mAh batteries across the board in recent years, even Apple significantly increased battery capacity last year, but may want to decrease it again this year if iPhone 12 leaks are confirmed. If Google actually uses the 3,080mAh battery in the Pixel 5, that would be even smaller than the supposedly much smaller Pixel 4a. And significantly less than the relatively large predecessor Pixel 4 XL (Amazon retail stores currently around € 700 ) with its 3700 mAh battery. Something just doesn’t fit together!

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