Google Pixel 5 leaks show speckled rear, ‘5s’ is likely to stand out among 5G models

Google Pixel 5 leaks show speckled rear, ‘5s' is likely to stand out among 5G models

Last month, Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 appeared side by side with the accompanying spec sheet. The new leak shows something obviously Pixel 5, but with the weird “Pixel 5s” nickname.

Compared with the leak in late August, our shots on the Pixel 5 are very clear. The picture was released this evening by Jose Antonio Ponton, a radio host in Mexico. Pixel 4a 5G and 5 will not be available in this country.

Starting from the back, we see the new square camera bump, where the flash is located above the spectrum and flicker sensor. We can also replace the wide-angle lens.

The entire white/silver spot including the fingerprint sensor allows us to see the texture of the human body very clearly. We also saw the black volume button and lock button. There are several types of barcodes, one of which indicates the lack of regulatory approval and “R3 EVT”. Redfin is the code name of Pixel 5, and Engineering Validation Test is a step in the hardware manufacturing process.

google pixel 5s

google pixel 5s img

Today’s photo shows the “About Phone” screen. This is the first time we have seen the Pixel 5 with the screen turned on. Since the top bar lacks time/date and other status icons, it is running an earlier version of Android “R”.

The mystery of this leak is how to recognize the “model” as “pixel 5s”. The “s” nickname is popular among Apple, but our best guess is that it may refer to the Pixel 5 variant with or without mmWave 5G. Since “s” usually means better, it is probably the former.

The FCC revealed earlier this month that among the four Pixel 5 devices, two models, GD1YQ and G6QU3, will support both mmWave and Sub-6.

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Source = Jons Antonio Ponton

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