Xiaomi Mi 10T series: data sheets and official pictures leaked

Xiaomi Mi 10T series: data sheets and official pictures leaked

Xiaomi once again started with the new Mi 10T flagship series. The new detail and new official rendering images show the Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro Every corner. The price of Mi 10T Lite 5G may be lower than previously thought.

Xiaomi will organize a live event showcasing its new Mi 10T series smartphones, which will start in the country at 2 pm on September 30. Those who don’t want to wait that long have the opportunity to browse the new Xiaomi flagship store in a few weeks. The price is a bit vague. It may start to be surprisingly low in Europe. The price of the Lite model is 329 euros, the Mi 10T is 499 euros, and the Mi 10T Pro is 599 euros. The price should be moderate.

Xiaomi Mi 10T series all specifications have been leaked, this time in the form of two datasheets, Thanks to the Indian leaker Sudhanshu, who usually provides very reliable information. The most important specifications are already well known. So the main or even the only difference between Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro is the camera on the back. In the case of the Pro model, it is a 108-megapixel model. Onn the other side in the case of the regular Mi 10 it is a 64-megapixel variant

Xiaomi Mi 10 T

LCD instead of AMOLED

For most users, whether this distinction is worth the extra 100 Euros will be exciting, especially since the current 108-megapixel sensor is by no means uncontroversial, and usually does not provide much-added value in terms of quality. Thanks to Snapdragon 865, these two smartphones are true flagship products, but you can save costs by using LCD instead of AMOLED display. This is why the fingerprint sensor is on the side instead of directly below the display, which is similar to most flagships. As a small compensation, for example, for gamers, Xiaomi provides a 144 Hz functional panel. And maybe one or more people prefer LCD in principle.

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Mi 10T Lite 5G

So far, little is known about the Mi 10T Lite, it was mentioned for the first time recently at a price of 329 euros. But if you trust Sudhanshu, it might be cheaper. He recently said on Twitter that Xiaomi will also launch Mi 10T Lite on September 30. And will even offer it for less than 300 euros, which will make Mi 10T Lite 5G one of the cheapest 5G phones currently. Most likely based on Snapdragon 690, Snapdragon 765, or even the brand new Snapdragon 750 5G. Obviously, it should start in gold, gray, and blue, and variants with 6 GB RAM and 64 GB storage. The 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage is available. The picture of Mi 10T Lite has not been leaked yet.

Xiaomi Mi 10T



Xiaomi MI 10T Pro



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