Laptop(2019) Review – HP Pavilion x360 14

Laptop(2019) Review - HP Pavilion x360 14

I got an 8th generation quad-core processor from this version of the game. Although a model with a 10th generation processor is now available. You can get the cheapest reviewer at Best Buy for Buy 560$ with 830 RAM and 128 GB SATA solid-state drive (SSD).

No doubt, this is an attractive price of HP Pavillion x360. But can this laptop offer everything you need?

HP Pavilion x360 14 Display, budget price:

HP Pavilion x360 14 Display

One component that often gets into a budget system is the display. And the HP Pavilion x360 is an important issue. Five years ago, such a Full HD display would be average. This is normal today.

In particular, the colours muted. With only 48% Adobe RGB and 62% SRGB and, you lose some of your colours, and accuracy reduced. In contrast, the average is less than 670: 1, and the brightness is 262 nits, which is below our threshold of 263 nits.

Do not get me wrong – this is a good show anyway, but you can get a better display on other budget laptops. Aspire 5 is a good example. Its colours are similar. But the high proportion makes the work of adding black text on a white background more enjoyable.

Here’s the story: The HP Pavilion x360 display is ideal for production work. And its 2.4-gram display is closer to 2.2 – a decent media experience. I note that the sound is powerful, with sufficient volume, and there is no distortion when breaking. Pavilion x360 is not overweight in this category, but he is not ashamed of himself.

Battery Life is not much satisfactory:

HP Pavilion x360 14 failed to much satisfy:

Is the good battery available on this price(560$) But what about the battery life of HP Pavillion x360? If you need a laptop that doesn’t allow you to connect, is the Pavilion x360 turned on?

I conducted our usual battery tests, and unfortunately, it is 2 in 1, which does not affect its longevity. When browsing the web, the Pavilion x360 worked for six and a half hours compared to the budget-oriented Acer Aspire 5 with a performance of 15.6 inches. And while we were working on our Test Avengers trailer, it lasted less than 11 hours compared to the HP Acer.

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Is HP Pavilion x360 14 failed to much satisfy:

In our most basic web test benchmark, the Pavilion x360 barely outperformed it in two hours, and the Aspire 5 lasted an hour and forty minutes.

Obviously, the battery life does not depend on the Pavilion X360, at least when using the 8th generation Core i5. This can improve with Tenth generation chips, but you won’t get a 2 in 1 full-time job anyway.

Performance  – You need to know:

As I pointed out in the introduction, my review used the Intel Whiskey Lake Core i5-8265U and 8th Generation system. According to a benchmark review, Pavilion x360 worked on good expectation. For example, in Geekbench 4. HP achieved almost the same result for the much more expensive Gen 4 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 with the same effective processor

In our more realistic handbrake test, which encodes 420 MB of the video in the H.265,, the HP Pavilion x360 showed Lenovo 16 seconds faster in five minutes

In other words, it’s fast enough for a typical 2-in-1 worker. You don’t want to use Pavilion x360 for high-quality photo editing, video editing. But HP Pavillion x360 office good for web browsing, applications, content consumption and others that like are suitable for you.

Note that the Pavilion x360 is now available on with the latest Intel 10th Gen processors. For example, a model with a Full HD (1920 x 1080) sells for $ 630, including an active pen that is not in the Best Buy box. Of course, you will also order your Pavilion x360 with the Intel 10th generation Core i5. and it will probably be faster.

Please note that if you want to fast for productive work. You can easily upgrade to a high-speed PCIe SSD storage from the 128GB SATA SSD included in my review module. That’s not fast drive but enough for effective productive work. One thing you don’t want to do with the Pavilion x360 is to play modern games.

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Pavillion x360 design that seems like it should cost more:
The Pavilion x360 comes in silver, while aluminium doesn’t. If you want to avoid plastic. You need to jump onto one of the expensive laptop cousins, such as the expensive Specter X360 13.

Pavillion x360 design that seems like it should cost more:
Like the keyboard, the cover presses slightly. Yet, this is not a problem, especially when you consider that you spend less than half of your money. Although this does not mean that the pavilion is weak or cheap. He is so strong that you must be sure that you can leave him.
Employment is always important when converting to 360 degrees, which can change the shape between the “clamshell”, “tent”, “carrier” and “tablet” modes, rigid enough to hold the display firmly, but smoothly when moving.
Even so, I would not say that the pavilion is quite smooth. The side rims are quite thin and the top is not too big, but dude, this chin is under the display. Meanwhile, the Pavilion x360 has a thickness of 0.8 inches and a little 3.49 pounds.
Pavillion x360 design that seems like it should cost more:

The Pavilion x360 is also an attractive laptop. Available in a wide range of colours, including natural silver, mineral silver, hot gold, blue cloud and yellow gold. That is a lot. Except for natural silver, an extra charge of $ 10 or $ 15 is possible, but the colour you choose attracts enough chrome and the right angles for HP fans. This is not a Specter mini-kit or even the modern Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 Black Edition, but even at half the price, you don’t care.

Pavilion x360 has Premium Input Option :


Pavilion x360 has Premium Input Option :I am the author No matter how good the laptop looks or how well it is assembled, the keyboard should be easy to use. Fortunately, the Pavilion x360 inherits a keyboard similar to Ghosts. This is a familiar island style, with capital letters that correspond to the colours and symbols of the system, which are easier but still understandable. This mechanism is a little lacking, and it is not as clear as the Specter keyboard – my personal favourite. But it is better than most laptops that I use. This is a real plus in favour of this car.

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The touchpad is wide enough, but a little short. The keyboard has enough space for a large touchpad. Fortunately, HP has migrated to its latest laptops with Microsoft Precision Touchpad drivers, including the 2019 Envy 13. Unlike older HP laptops using the Synaptics driver, the Pavilion x360 touchpad is very accurate and reliable.

Many of top budget laptops have no fingerprint touch screen feature but this bonus feature are added in HP Pavillion x360 14

The Pavilion x360 touchscreen display is responsive, another area where it will be difficult for you to distinguish yourself from a more expensive premium laptop. The HP Active Pane was not included in my review box, but if you create a 10th generation version on, the pen will be in this box. Accordingly, I did not have the opportunity to verify this.

Finally, the fingerprint reader provides a password for logging into Windows 10 less than directly from the touch panel on the log-in keyboard. This works well, and it’s a bonus you won’t get on many budget laptops.

Final Thoughts:

The HP Pavilion x360 14 is a great 2-in-1 budget, especially when purchased on with a 10th-Gen processor. It is well assembled, offers excellent input capabilities, looking good and reliable communications. Battery life is frustrating, so if you do not want to bring a charger with you, this is not the best choice.

Is it worth buying?

Yes, HP Pavilion x360 is working well. it is an affordable and attractive option for People who want to buy

How long Pavilion x360 perform?

it depends on the usage but they work a long time 1-year warranty also. Pavilion x360 is working well and that performance is good

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