Google search now teaches how to pronounce complex words

Google search now teaches how to pronounce complex words

If you sometimes find a word that you don’t know how to pronounce, a new feature from Google announced this week will help you. ,

Running in your search tool, you type “say [words]”, and then click “Go.” At the top of the results, you will see a small frame with acoustically clear words and bold letters indicating where to apply pressure.

As in the definition of the word Google, you will also see a small speaker icon that, when pressed, plays someone’s voice sound clip with which you hear these words.

But this is the smart part. If you press the Exercise button and say a word in your microphone, Google Speech Recognition and Machine Learning software will evaluate your efforts and offer you some suggestions if they need improvement. will answer.

“Research has proven that remembering a word can help you remember it, especially when you’re learning a new language,” Google’s rhythm announces a new feature. Wrote on the blog. “Before, when you were looking for things like“ how to speak Coca, ”you could make a sound and hear a word. With the new pronunciation feature, you could even practice pronouncing the word “cocoa” into your phone’s microphone. And get feedback that, if anything, could be changed in your pronunciation

Additional help is offered to make sure that your tongue does not turn, and an animation that shows you how to move your mouth and lips, saying: However, the jury is still not in the power of the latter.

A small plus is that it includes a British accent, which can sometimes be different. Take, for example, ContraFogal. You can get a British accent by clicking on American Accent and choosing an option from the drop-down list.

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According to the Google “Speech recognition in machine learning can improve the way you learn languages,” We hope that these Google advanced new features will help you apply new words, visualize Provides a creative and more effective way to memorize. We look forward to expanding these features to more languages, languages ​​and regions.

Please note though. The attribute does not appear for every word you enter. Instead, he suggests words that, in his own study, make it difficult for people to pronounce. However, if the Google pronunciation function is not displayed for the word you are interested in, many YouTube videos that may help you appear in the search results.

A new accent tool appeared a few days after the announcement of a new feature for Google Maps that allows travellers to click a button so they can see a hotel, attraction, or another language in their local language. Read the name of the place.

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