AfterParty Game PS4 and PC Release

AfterParty Game PS4 and PC Release

Actual for the PC Platform:

Recently, scientists have discovered that the human brain specifically classifies death information as untrustworthy or false. Thus, they say, this can lead us to the presence of death and the possibility of death. Doubt that helps us live in the present and hope for the future. General Chat Chat Lounge. Obviously, for this reason, when people make fun of sports and laugh at death. And the afterlife is modernized and humanized, this is a parody of our ordinary life (Grim Fandango). And Death itself may look like a ridiculously fat dancer (Felix Reaper), new the work of the authors of Afterparty, chic without oxen, is another variation on this subject in which the soul and Lucas Arts are next to Fandango. There are questions. Almost everything here is full of wine ads. Naturally, after Disco-Elysium, barely realizing, I left immediately after – and did not regret it …

Hell, where your every order delivered via UPS. Hell is the place where you have to read every subview you can. Hell is a line that never ends. Hell is thrown out because you have to fill out the documents. Hell is the place where you condemn a medical student in the ninth round to join the community.

Oh, and there is a billionaire too. Welcome to the opportunity.

To illustrate this, the afterparty is a hellish style alcoholic game. Our main characters are Lola and Milio performed by Jenna Gavner and Hu Dao respectively. Two recent college graduates who have been best friends all their lives. She does not remember how they got there, Lola and Melo find themselves in hell, and the only way home is to drink the devil. There are obstacles. Demon Bouncer to pass by, conversational, to confuse VIP, and interact with interactive minefields. Hell is a civil war, a cowardly melody and a desperate Lolla that can not deal with. Fortunately, they do not have enough alcohol so that they can see them on the go.


During the conversation, a sip of your deadly strong drink will give you a new opportunity for dialogue. The answer you get depends on what you drink. When you order a small annotation of your drink, you understand several possible effects. Sports drinks can blur about the ridiculous display of Arsenal last night, says Bluebeard’s Wife. Turn it all into pirate speech. A drink called “Lutral Acid” does exactly what you expect, and my personal favourite. Wit Enhancer, allows you to respond with all kinds of jokes and terrible puns. Real torture.

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In principle, it is easy to play. You move left and right with the 2.5D plane and interact with the points of interest. You spend most of your time just talking and celebrating with devils and demons of Hell and rapists. When you can dance from time to time, mixing ping pong games or other things. Opportunity’s original meat is in its multi-choice discursive system.

As the other characters say, two reactions to the head of Lola or Milio are possible, and from time to time they alternate between them. The answers themselves are positive or negative. Guest or enemy. The third option, based on what you drink, is a wild card and, as a rule, the most interesting. Never miss the opportunity to joke on the fuck at the expense of Satan.

Afterparty game PS4 interlocutor has no unnatural interruptions. You can easily select your answer with the click of a button before ending the conversation with another person. Of course, Afterparty game PS4″silence is also a legitimate option.” The answers are unclear, and you have enough time to make a choice. Afterparty game ps4 simple design allows you to focus and enjoy the conversation as it happens, while at the same time moving it at a natural pace.

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Afterpartty game ps4

Firstly, talking in a bar is perhaps the most popular thing for video games. I did not get up a lot, just to hear other people say. Ironically, hell is full of life. Whenever you drink a drink, the music gets louder, the bass hits louder, and your eyesight gets a little worse.

Unfortunately, the digestive music in the clubs is in a little movement. This is probably to make sure that this never interferes with the dialogue. And the silence between the stops of the bar helps to overcome their lack of real presence. Although there is no doubt about it, I never wanted to be in a club to listen to a song. Together with all the great musicians who no doubt went to hell, I was hoping that something new would be added to my Spotify playlist.

Lola and Milio face many characters and personalities when they leave the house, and during their interaction, especially with your personal devil, you quickly understand them, as well as the dynamics of their relationship. Understanding is the voice of the famous artist Dave, the charming Lucifer Morning Star. The devil revolves around his mansion, drinks wine in his hands, in shiny shoes, shakes the great vice of humanity and reads the scriptures as a source for his impressed and impressed audience. There is. Satan literally had an amazing depth.

AfterParty Game

Afterparty is first and foremost a drink, especially culture and the people around you. When I played, I was upset, after which the party began to glorify him. Presenting wine as a perfect and amazing thing, laughing at all the flaws and acting as an answer to any situation is another shot or a wine game. Yet, my concerns were immediately resolved.

This is basically the best night entertainment simulator. You try new drinks and travel between bars. You meet and communicate with incredible people and, after a few drinks, and, no doubt, gradually begin to act stupidly. Results are not a real issue. It’s just fun, you’re unpredictable, you’ll be leaving soon. After tonight you probably won’t see any of these people, so why be behind?

But the surprises inevitably end. The rods were empty, the maces began to close. And the boy with wide legs pressed against the wall with one hand and stood away from the building to stay in an upright position. As a new day approaches, you have to face reality and challenges that you did not want to acknowledge. The game is getting incredibly swollen. The truth is that after the bathrooms at nightclub Club the party is about to disappear, although I think it can be very scary, even for hell.

Afterpartty game

During the passage of the game, I did not encounter any serious errors, but I had some discontent that arises. When the characters launch a new animation. Sometimes a person who speaks a few inches and lifts him to the ground. A devilish cap once tried to fly off his shoulders, and whenever a taxi put me in its place, it would do a whale 90 degrees in the lava river. What some people refused. The shot was not a big problem, but the look of this beautiful, well-animated game gets regular shakes. You should never lose your dive.

I only worked in one sport, but when time permits. I look forward to returning to the next party to find out what other routes Lola and Melo can choose, and who can they meet with? I feel that I have lost a lot here. Roles that I have never met. It was obvious that Lola and Milio had many different solutions. These different routes seem to have changed their purpose, and perhaps even them.

I had high expectations for Afterparty. I was expecting a fun title set in a fantasy world that could come from the novel’s field. But the real relationship between Lola and Melo, the fun comedy that made me wonder every minute. And the anxiety of getting into a studio show at a night school with the risk of harming my player made Afterparty even more serious. Perhaps they took it.

Hell Party

However, first of all, Oxenfree traditions are felt here – the same graphic style, the same emphasis on the character development, the same dialogue replicas popping up over the heads. And the theme is somewhat similar – here we also play for teenagers who had fun, and then faced with mystical events. It was only in the new game that the events immediately took such a seemingly tragic turn that there was nowhere else to go – our heroes. The young man Milo and the girl Lola, after drinking alcohol together at the title “after-party”, died and went to Hell.

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Although it is difficult to believe in it at first. Hell in Afterparty At first glance. It differs little from some modern bustling Las Vegas – there are a lot of clubs, bars and other entertainment venues. Only with people who have gone to hell for their sins do more or less horned demons drink and have fun. And the coolest party is rolled in his mansion by Satan himself, who thumps along with Beelzebub and Chernobog.

It also has its own courts and schools, demons also drive taxis (only across the very Styx river), chat on smartphones, go to psychoanalysts and post funny messages in the local Twitter counterpart. where a user with the nickname @missingbreakfast can ask the others: “ Hey, did anyone see a couple of kidneys? ”After this, one should not be surprised when one of the demons, addressing our heroes, says:“ Welcome aboard, organ donors! ”

Drink to live

Yes, in spite of all the seeming fun, mortal little people who have fallen into hell are often not even laughing. In local clubs, you can see how some of them celebrate not the birthdays, but the days of death – the anniversaries of falling into the Underworld. Among them are some yesterday’s maniac, and even a Neanderthal man, long ago devoured by dinosaurs.

Afterpartty game

But it’s still Hell. And no one cancelled the punishment for sins – sometimes very unpleasant and indecent. Even if the guilty young people, according to them, simply robbed the “Jewish wine shop.” In front of Milo and Lola, several of these teenagers sent to perpetual torture. And when it was time to determine their punishment (although for what? They don’t even know how they died!) … the working day at the distribution demon was over. And he, of course, went to the bar.

And our heroes had a chance – for this night remaining before the sentencing. They only need to get to the party to Satan and re-drink it in a confrontation, so to speak. Then they can return to the world of the living.

However, much remains to do. First, you need to get an invitation to a party to the Prince of Lies. Then he will ask you to first have a drink (or dance) of his two closest associates and then find three friends.

Mini-games for a maximum hangover

Methods for solving all problems are obvious – thump, thump and thump again. The gameplay built on the movement between locations, communication and the constant use of alcohol. It looks something like this: we come to the next bar where the character is located, listen to a bunch of dialogues. Order alcohol (which one we decide for yourself), find a drinking companion and start a conversation with him.

In the process, you need to drink again (a separate button is responsible for this), after which a replica highlighted in a special colour will appear. Which, in fact, will allow you to get the result and move on.

Afterpartty Games

Then, as a rule, a mini-game follows, where one of our heroes tries to crush an opponent. Here you need to tip the glasses as quickly as possible and gently (but quickly) put them on top of each other, which is very difficult. The characters are drunk, the screen is floating, and the glasses are double in the eyes. Although there are other mini-games – in at least one case there was an option to arrange a dance battle rather than alcohol.

Alcohol will help everywhere

Of course, not everything is so simple. Somewhere they refuse to let us into the bar – they say, the entrance is only for demons. And you have to look as if to disguise as one of them. In another club, only after drinking. Milo will figure out how to cut down a guard who does not let him into the hall where he is sitting, Milo, an unceremoniously stolen conscience. Once our heroes even had to pass off one of the demons as their child.

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Sometimes dilemmas arise – to whom to turn for help, whether to send the innocent to eternal torture. so as not to anger the powerful devil, or to go the other way. According to the results of the scene, a personal demon, issued by Milo and Lola forcibly, will analyze our actions from a moral and ethical point of view. This character generally very often intervenes in what is happening. Makes the heroes remember not the most pleasant things from their past (for example, family relationships). Even try to quarrel them and therefore wildly annoys them (and it amuses us).

It is only a pity that decisions slightly change the plot and its ending. But the way we respond to provocations of a personal demon (though not only him). Which replicas we choose when Milo and Lola communicate with each other, really affect their relationship. At some point, the girl may even leave Milo alone.

Afterpartty Game

Can you slow down? I am writing down

All this, as you already understood, accompanied not only by decalitres of diabolical alcohol. But also by tons of humour, as well as many cross-cultural references and post-modern jokes. “This place is only for demons, vampires, succubi and the CEO of Walmart,” says a guard at one of the clubs. “Why do you need schools in Hell?” Milo asks the local taxi driver. “Let’s leave without spoilers, we’ll leave the answers until we pass again,” he answers. Afterparty

authors are clearly hardcore moviegoers. They remember the ironic “Blade Runner”. And personally Harrison Ford (Harrison the Ford), “Jurassic Park”, “Breaking Bad” and David Lynch(David Lynch). And even make one of the characters admit that his life is like a sitcom from CBS.

Like Oxenfree, there are many great dialogues. True, they are written in not the simplest English. Therefore, playing without a Russian translation will not be easy, especially since, as in the previous creation of Night School Studio. In Afterparty important remarks pop up and disappear quickly – no one will wait long before you decide which answer to choose. At the same time, everyone else is constantly talking around, and on the screen, messages from the local Twitter appear and disappear. It seems to me that navigating all this even for people who know English well is not always easy.

Recently I wrote a review of BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre, and in the comments, they ironized how they say. You can scold a game with that name because there is a lot of toilet humour in it. The problem is that this is not funny toilet humour. And there are other examples. Then I remembered South Park: The Stick of Truth .

And here’s an even more striking example – in Afterparty, the action also takes place in Hell, and here too they constantly thump and often talk about sex. But at the same time, everything is much funnier and more elegant, smarter, thinner, if you want. Yes, the system of dynamic dialogues itself may need to be adjusted, and yes, Russian localization is very lacking. But, on the other hand, this is another (after the same great alcoholic Disco Elysium) reason to finally study English. Moreover, in the game plump is more fun and interesting than in real life – believe me.

Pros: a fascinating, funny and somewhere even instructive plot; bright characters; a sea of ​​humour. And reference; great dialogues; interesting game situations; funny mini-games; stylish picture; atmospheric music.

Cons: replicas and messages are sometimes difficult to keep track of; nonlinearity is not enough; no Russian language.

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