Professional Radeon Pro W5700 introduced – more powerful and cheaper

Professional Radeon Pro W5700 introduced - more powerful and cheaper

And this is the first adapter in the class with a seven-inch GPU

Only we were able to find out that AMD is developing a professional 3D-card Radeon Pro W5700, as the adapter has already been announced.

Therefore, Raden Pro W5700, the first AMD Professional Graphics Accelerator with the new generation GPU, does not count mobile cards in the new MacBook Pro, but they are completely different products.

Professional Radeon Pro W5700 introduced -

The Raden Pro W5700 is based on the Novel 10 GPU, which has 2304 dynamic stream processors. The card also got 8 GB DDR6 memory and 256-bit bus. In fact, we have a professional version of the Radon RX5700 game card. At the same time, the maximum GPU frequency for a professional card is higher: 1930 MHz vs R25 5700 for 1725 MHz. Memory runs at the same 14 GHz.

In the lineup of Adapter Radion ProW, the new product replaces the Radon ProWX7100, which was released three years ago and is based on the Polaris GPU. For this card, the performance was 5.7 TFLOPS, for a new product – 8.9 TFLOPS. At the same time, the cost remained the same. 800 … For comparison, the Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000, a variant of the desktop RTX 2070, costs $ 900, but its performance is only 7.1 TFLOPS.

AMD also focuses on the fact that the Radeon Pro W5700 is the first professional adapter with support for PCIe 4.0 and the first adapter of this class with a seven-inch GPU.

From the rest, there are five Mini-DisplayPort ports and one USB-C.

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