How Honor managed to create the cheapest 5G


Honor CEO defines company prices in the 5G era

At a major press conference in China yesterday, Honor’s flagship smartphones, called the Honor V30 and Honor V30 Pro were introduced.

The basic version of the Honor V30, equipped with 5GB modem, plus 6GB of RAM and 128GB of flash memory is priced at $ 470. After the press conference, Honor President Zhao Ming met with reporters. And answered some questions.

Specifically, journalists were interested in the question of how did Honor manage to build such a feature-rich and 5G modem smartphone at such an attractive price?

Zhao Ming replied that they tried to make the price more honest and not forget the growing competition in the 5G market. He added that the Honor 5G user wants to contribute to the rapid growth of the base, especially because of the extremely attractive prices for its 5G smartphones.

According to them, by the end of next year, almost all new smartphones will get 5G support, while the starting price for them will drop to about 200 drops.

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