Rumors about the superiority of the Sony PlayStation 5 over the Xbox Scarlett turned out to be nonsense

Sony assures that the PS5 will come despite Corona 2020

Microsoft wants to surprise Sony so much that it doesn’t give anyone a new prefix

Last weekend, the first image to work on Sony PlayStation 5 was released to developers and the new DualShock 5 controller version.

playstation5 (1)

The gamers surprised to find that so far there has been little leakage about the next Microsoft Xbox. And development kits don’t just do photography, neither have eyewitnesses. And amateur designers not sketching.

The well-known informant and authoritative editor-in-chief Verizon Tom Warren tries to resolve the common problem. He said on his page on social network Twitter that almost no one has a cut for developers and the console is still far from the last step.

Warren also said that this is why we hear “a lot of things” about the inadequate power of the Xbox Scarlet. He stressed that Microsoft wants to surprise Sony this time.

The first pair of photos working Sony PlayStation 5 with a new gamepad in good quality

While in the version for developers

The network continues to receive information about the long-awaited Sony PlayStation 5 game console, which will go on sale in just one year. This time it was a live picture of two consoles working together, and even with the company’s new DualShock 5 gamepad.

playstation (1)

Of course, when it comes to versions for developers. One can only hope that the user version, which we can see on the store shelf, will be different in design. However, some experts say the final version of PlayStation 5 will retain this form of case, hardware, and cooling subsystem. The Dual Shock 5 controller looks much larger than its predecessor, the Dual Shock 4.

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Sony has previously announced that the console will go on sale next year’s Christmas sales season.

The full PlayStation 5 presentation can make during the annual PlayStation Meeting on February 12, 2020. According to a recent leak, US sales expected to go up at a suggested retail price of $ 499 on November 20.

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