Apple iPhone 12 Potential on live photos Rumours have repeatedly indicated

Potential iPhone 12 on live photos Rumours have repeatedly indicated

Rumours repeatedly indicate that Apple will abandon Bang on new smartphones

Mukul Sharma a verified Network informant, who regularly publishes reliable information. He also a good informant about mobile phones. He publishes reliable information about the latest in the mobile industry, posted the following:

They allegedly seized Apple’s next smartphone, which should be released this year under the name of iPhone 12. The main camera is drawn in the familiar square block.

Iphone 12 live photos

The front panel is interesting, we see that the smartphone is missing out on the “bang” type cutout. As well as the iPhone X associated with the smartphone only after it appeared in the market.

Noting that the announcement of the iPhone 12 is still nine months away. We can assume that, presumably, this image was corrected in the graphical editor.

Iphone 12 live photos1

Yet, various rumours have repeatedly hinted that Apple will give a wireless charging in this iPhone. Rumours also indicate that Apple will give up its bang on the new smartphones, giving the iPhone 12 a chance to look like this.

A reliable source revealed the expected millions of iPhone SE heir. Apple fans are disappointed

iPhone 9 is very similar to the iPhone 8. High-quality images and a three-dimensional computer model of the hotly expected heir to the compact. And inexpensive iPhone SE appeared on the network.

iphone SE photos

They were created on the basis of factory drawings by trusted network informant Steve Hammerstofer (also known as OnLeaks). and also published on a theme blog, iGeeksBlog.

iphone SE photos 1

Many fans of the already legendary iPhone SE will be disappointed. The iPhone 9, which is exactly what the rumours will ultimately be called the iPhone SE 2. The iPhone SE 2 has not inherited the design of its predecessor and is very similar to the iPhone 8.

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In terms of dimensions, it almost exactly repeats the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 – 138.5 x 67.4 x 7.8 mm, and taking into account the protrusion of the camera – 8.6 mm. The 2020 model is slightly thicker – 0.5 mm.

Iphone 12 live photos2

The main difference in design will be in the back panel – the iPhone 9 is made of glazed glass like the iPhone 11 Pro, rather than glossy glass like the iPhone 11. It is believed that the smartphone will receive wireless charging.

Regarding the features, the iPhone 9 is equipped with a 4.7-inch LCD screen with no cutouts. The Home button has a Touch ID fingerprint scanner found, a single main camera and the latest SCA13 Bionic.

Source = Twitter, Igeeksblog

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