Samsung Galaxy S11 compared with the Galaxy Note10 in the photo

Leak: The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 gets exciting camera features

The size difference is clearly visible.

The network continues to gather information about the upcoming flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S11, which is expected in February.

Samsung Galaxy
Rumor-based conceptual design

RODENT950, a leading network informant who posted a selection of live images on his page on social networks, where the Galaxy S11 protective glasses have been compared to Samsung’s flagship Fall of the Galaxy Note 10. The difference in size is clearly seen in these.

Samsung Galaxy

In the comments, the reader was surprised that it would be like the Galaxy S11 + if it should be bigger than the Galaxy S11 smartphone. On this, the insider replied that the appliance maker told him how he tested the prototype and didn’t like it, because it was too long and painful.

Samsung galaxy

According to rumors, the Galaxy S11 + – all 6.9 inches, and the Galaxy S11 has a diagonal of 6.7 inches. The official announcement is due in February 2020.

Huawei (1)

The first official image of the next inexpensive bestseller Samsung

The hole in the screen will be smaller

According to online insiders, the Samsung Galaxy A51 will look like a smartphone, we have seen. Now, the first official photo of this unit has affected the web.

As you can see, this approach is similar to what we have seen, except that the official image frames will be slightly thicker and generally the proportions look a bit different.

Galaxy A51

The hole for the camera on the screen is really small. According to rumors, the screen itself will be 6.5 inches diagonal. The device has also been given the SoC Xenos 9611 and a 48-megapixel camera. The model is expected to be introduced on December 12. Given the success of the Galaxy A50, there is little doubt that the Galaxy A51 will be another Samsung best seller.

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